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Rostov-on-don, Outside India, Russia

Buildingmaterial Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1904

Products :

Empils is the largest Russian manufacturer of high quality paints and varnishes.

  • Oreol alkyd based paints and varnishes :
    Oreol enamel for radiators
    Oreol glossy enamel
    Oreol gray primer
    Oreol indoor varnish
    Oreol matt enamel
    Oreol two-component floor varnish.
    White-spirit, ?4 -155/200 [S4-155/200] nefras
  • Oreol water based paints and varnishes
    Oreol outdoor [facade] water-dispersion paint
    Oreol Snow-white Super durable water-dispersion paint for damp rooms
    Oreol snow-white water-dispersion paint for floors and ceilings
    Oreol water-dispersion enamel for rusty surfaces
    Oreol water-dispersion filler
    Oreol water-dispersion moisture-resistant penetrating primer
    OREOL water-dispersion paint SNOW-WHITE for ceiling
    OREOL water-dispersion paint SNOW-WHITE SUPER DURABLE for walls and ceilings.
    Oreol water-dispersion panel varnish
    Oreol water-dispersion parquet varnish
    Oreol water-dispersion primer for wood [pigmented]
  • Traditional alkyd based products of ZAO Empils
    GF-021 Alkyd Primer
    PF-115 Enamel of different colours for indoor and outdoor use
    PF-1217 VE Enamel of different colours
    PF-133 enamel of different colours Alkyd, atmosphere resistant
    PF-226 floor enamel
    PF-231 Varnish for parquet
    PF-283 Varnish
  • Rastsvet alkyd based paints and varnishes
    PF-115 Rastsvet enamel of different colours
    PF-1217 Rastsvet enamel
    PF-283 Rastsvet indoor varnish
    Rastsvet floor enamel of different colours
    Rastsvet oil paint
    Rastsvet outdoor varnish
    Rastsvet primer
    Rastsvet water-dispersion filler
    Rastsvet water-dispersion paint for ceilings
    Rastsvet water-dispersion paint for indoor use
    Rastsvet water-dispersion primer
  • Paints and varnishes for industrial use
    FL-03K Primer
    GF-0119 Alkyd Primer, for further coating with different enamels
    HV-785 enamel
    PF-115 SV Enamel
    PF-115 US Enamel
    PF-188 enamel
  • Zinc white :
    BTSOM Zinc White
    Mark 1 Grade Zinc White

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    21, 1st, Mashinostroitelnyi lane,,
    Rostov-On-Don - 344016 (Outside India) Russia

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