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Beijing, Outside India, China

Buildingmaterial Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 0

Products :

Manufacturers and Exporters of silica, quartz and crystal materials and related products.

  • Silica, Quartz, Crystal Material
    Natural Silica
    Natural Silica Ore, Golf & Garden Silica, Found Silica sand, Glass Silica, Glass-Industry Silica, K-Na Feldspar
    Purity Silica
    Refined Silica Sand, Refined Silica/Quartz Powder, High Purity Silica, Top Purity Silica, Nano-meter and Spherical Silica/Silicon Materials
    Ferro Silicon
    Ferro Silicon Ash, Silicon Metal
    Chemical Silica
    Amorphous Silica, Hydrated Silica, Water Glass, Guar Gum, Silica Gels
    Glass Silica
    Glass-Industry Silica, K-Na Feldspar
    Fused Silica
    Fused Silica Block, Fused Silica Powder, Micro Fused Silica Powder, Spherical Fused Silica Powder
    Silicon Metal
    Normal Silicon Metal, Standard Silicon Metal
    Silica Carbide
    Natural SiC, Black SiC, Green SiC, Brown SiC, V-W SiC
    Synthetic Silica Materials
    Synthetic Silica Powder, Synthetic Mica, Synthetic Mica Chips, Synthetic Mica Powder, Synthetic Mica Tape, Mica Tape for cable
  • Silica, Quartz, Crystal Products
    Silica Tube
    Cle.Silica Tube, Tran.Silica Tube, Silica Rod, Clear Silica Rod, Tran.Silica Rod
    Silica Disc
    Fused Silica Disc, Synthetic Silica SAW, Semi-Silica, Synthetic Silica Optics, Special Silica Seal
    Silica Arts & Crafts
    SS/Hoya, SS/BCT, SS/Egermann
    Silica Rod
    Clear Silica Rod, Tran.Silica Rod
    Synthetic Silica Optics, Semi-Conductor Silicon, Special Silica Seal
  • Optical Silica & Coating Material
    Wave Plate Series
    Zero Order Wave Plate, Polarization Rotator, Dual Wavelengths Wave Plate, Window Series, UV Fused Silica Windows, Super Thin Optical Windows, IR & UV Windows, Sapphire Windows, Borosilicate Windows
    Interference Filter
    Coating Materials
    Silicon Monoxide Powder
    Window Series
    UV Fused Silica Windows, Super Thin Optical Windows, IR & UV Windows, Sapphire Windows, Borosilicate Windows
    Nonlinear Crystal
    Mono / Polycrstal Silicon & Magnetic Material
  • Semi-Conductor Si Materials
    Semiconductor Materials
    NdFeB & Ceramic Magnets
    Neodymium CIron CBoron & Ceramic Magnet
  • New Silica Material & Techniques
    Top Purity Silica
    Natural Silica Sand, Nano-meter and Spherical Silica / Silicon Materials
    Micro Silica Powder
    Natural Micro Silica, Fused Micro Silica, Spherical Fused Silica Powder
  • Nano-Meter Si Materials
    Oil field Silica Materials
    API Standard Gravel Pack Sand, Common Gravel Pack Sand
    Nanometer Tech.In Silica Industry
  • Mineral & Chemical Material
    Kaolin Clay
    Barites, K-Na Feldspar, Mica Powder, Phosphorite

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    B-401 Huazhan International Apt. No. 12,, Yumin Road, Chaoyang District,
    Beijing - 100029 (Outside India) China

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