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source infratech


source infratech

source infratech

Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, India

Buildingmaterial Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 2011

Sourceinfratech is pioneers in cellular light weight concrete technology based in India.We are in the field for last 4 years.
We have made the production of cellular light weight concrete blocks simple with low capital investment and we have tailored our equipment and technology towards this end. Our equipment is user-friendly, easy to install & maintain, and available in various capacities depending on the clients budget. We are only one company giving foam generators and foaming agent for a low cost.

Products :

Why use clc bricks ? Clc is cellular weight blocks where we can use for load bearing structure and frame structure .Its a other alternative for red brick and fly-ash bricks. Why we use clc bricks? 1)Clc is a light weight brick where water absorption is less compare to redbrick and fly-ash brick 2)High thermal insulation 3)Compressive strength is more than other bricks 4)environmental friendly 5)Quantity of cement is less when making a wall why because 6) clc bricks life span is more than other bricks Clc block size can make according to our requirements In India generally block can make Clc Size per cubic meter 4*8*24 83 clc blocks 6*8*24 55 clc blocks 9*8*24 50 clc blocks If we take one clc block size red bricks comes around for each clc block 4*8*24 7.1 6*8*24 10.6 How we compare clc bricks with red bricks when we meet customer ? If we take the size 4*8*24 market price now in India is 3500Rs per each cubic meter Red bricks market price now in India is 2357Rs per each cubic meter its varies city to city . So the first question comes from customer why I spend more money for clc bricks? Here is the solution Take an example: 1 unit wall brick construction with clc and red brick Clc bricks for 1 unit wall construction red bricks for 1 unit wall construction 1) clc bricks for 1 unit wall 1) red bricks for 1unit wall comes comes around 75 bricks around 560 bricks 2) quantity of cement and 2) quantity of cement and sand requires for motor 1unit wall sand requires for motor1unit wall cement : 1 bag cement cement : 2.5 bag cement sand : 4bag sand sand : 10 bag sand price : 300Rs for cement price : 625 Rs for cement 100 Rs for sand 250 Rs for sand Total 400 total 875 3) plastering: plastering ½ inch plastering is 1.5 inches plastering is needed Enough Cement : 1.5 bag cement cement : 3.5 bag cement Sand : 6 bag sand sand : 14 bag sand Price : 450Rs for cement Price : 950Rs for cement 150 Rs for sand 350Rs for sand Total 600 Rs Total 1300Rs Total cost for plastering and motor joints For clc bricks 600 + 400 = 1000Rs Total cost for plastering and motor joints For red bricks 1300 + 875 = 2175Rs Red bricks for 1 unit wall price is 4 * 560 = 2240Rs Clc bricks for 1 unit wall price is 45*75 =3375Rs If we subtract clc price from red brick price 3375 2240 ------ 1135 Now add plastering and motor joints price Ie 2175 1135 --------- 3310 --------- So at the end of the 1 unit wall construction the price we are spending for red bricks as almost same as clc bricks apart from that contractor can construct the building less time then red brick construction. So finally customer can happy To get good product in the market to build is home Clc light weight bricks available in vizag, Hyderabad, guntur, vijayawada, nellore, Andhra Pradesh, banglore, visakhapatnam Note : The above calculation we are giving for construction a building with clc its varies cities and cities .

Contact Info

source infratech

53-41-4,near sivalayam,maddilapalem
vizag - 530013 (Andhra Pradesh) India

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