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Messiah Fibre Industries


Messiah Fibre Industries

Messiah Fibre Industries

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Buildingmaterial Products - Manufacturer, Trader,
Partnership Firm Since 1994


Manufacturers of Quality FIBRE GLASS (F.R.P) Roofing and Plain Sheets.

MESSIAH Fibre Industries is a state of the art fully equipped manufacturing plant, situated in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, South India, established in 1994.

MESSIAH Fibre Industries is one of the prominent manufacturers of Branded high quality, very durable, strong and long lasting Fibre Sheets and Roofing materials with quality graded raw materials, high impact strength and U.V. Properties.

MESSIAH is proud to present BRANDED products carrying Trade Mark Registered MESSIAH Logo.

We are professionally well managed organized company committed to the best service to our customers to the fullest satisfaction and product quality, taking roofing trend to the next level. MESSIAH Fibre Sheets, a roofing material is so revolutionary that will change the way you think about this medium.

MESSIAH Fibre Sheets are ?

* They Resist Direct sunlight, Heat and also Resist Cold.
* Economical Installation with light weight frames and
fabrications. Messiah Fibre Sheets can be fixed with lesser
thickness of ?L? Angle, M.S.Pipe and Wood, using ?U?, ?J?, L?
clamps, M.S., G.I and aluminum bolts.
* NO NEED OF PAINTING as the colours are permanent and long
* Sheets does not shrink or expand.
* Stronger and more Elegant.
* 125 times stronger than glass, minimizing the risk of breakage

Products :

PRODUCT RANGE: MESSIAH Brand Fibre Roofing Sheets and Plain Sheets are in Various Sizes, Various Thickness, Various Colours, Various Designs and Various Profiles. *** We also manufacture sheets as per customers? special required size, colour, thickness, design and corrugation profile. We are Specialised in Clear Transparent Sheets for Lighting in between corrugated Non-Transparent sheets like G.C.Sheets, Cement sheets, Aluminium sheets, Colour coated p.P.G.I. And galvalum sheets of all various companies, matching the same corrugation and Plain sheets, to SAVE ELECTRICITY COST for Lighting. SPECIAL SUPERIOR GRADE THICK PLAIN SHEETS (4mm to 15mm) to withstand high temperatures For - # Chemical tanks and Other uses for Foundries etc. AVAILABILITY OF PROFILES * G.C.Sheet profile, * Cement sheet profile, * Aluminium sheet profile, * Colour coated p.P.G.I. And galvalum of all various company profile. * Plain sheets (Non Profile) also Available. ACCESSORIES Gutter with flop * Pattern Registered. Should not copy. Ridge AVAILABILTY OF COLOURS * Transparent Colours and Transparent Clear ( non-colour ) * Non-transparent(Opaque) Colours * Special Variety of flower printed designs also available. Light transmission in transparent sheets will be from 50% to 85% SIZE AND THICKNESS For profiled sheets, Standard Length of 2 mtrs, 2.5 mtrs, 3 mtrs & 3.75 mtrs Standard width of 1mtr for G.C., A.C. And Aluminium sheet profiles. Standard width of 1.06 mtrs for colour coated p.P.G.I and galvalum sheets. ***Random sizes can also be given as per customers requirement. For Plain sheets, Maximum Length of 12 feet and Maximum width of 4 feet and ***All sizes within that as per customers requirement. Thickness Range starts from 1mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm UPTO 15mm as per requirement. MESSIAH FIBRE SHEETS HAVE ENDLESS VARIETY OF FIELDS TO APPLY - Corrugated and Plain Sheets for # Roofing Terrace, Car Parks, Gardens, Lawns and Farms. # Sun shades, Stair cases, Cladding and Open places. # Industrial sheds, Factories, Offices, Schools and Colleges. # Churches, Temples, Mosques and Prayer Halls. # Elevation of Houses , Buildings, Restaurants and Hotels. # Cycle stand shed, Bus stand and Railways station shelters Plain Sheets for # Canopies, Partitions, False Ceilings, Doors and Windows.

Contact Info

Messiah Fibre Industries

124,Patel road, Ram nagar (opp. Govindaraju godown)
coimbatore - 641 009 (Tamil Nadu) India

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