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City water Materials Limited


City water Materials Limited

City water Materials Limited

Zhengzhou, Outside India, China

Buildingmaterial Products - Manufacturer,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 2000

City water Materials Limited single letter] South in Mt. Songshan, west Yellow River, the East has Jing-Guang, along with the railway running through the West, right outside the 310 State Road Transport versatile in Zheng, corruption, Luo Cuba and world-renowned ancient Buddhist temple -- Shaolin shrines, welcomes friends from all walks presence tourism business operations.

My company is the production, sale of water supply materials professional enterprises, and the years of production history, crafts sophisticated equipment, strong technical force, the production of varieties available, all targets were met national standards, the Ministry of Electric Power has won state, the Ministry of Construction, Ministry of chemical water treatment and quality inspection center that foreign users of the masses. Widely used in water, electric power, iron and steel, petroleum, chemical, paper, printing and dyeing, pure water; Urban industrial sewage treatment industries.

Products :

Manufacturers and traders of water supply materials and building materials. Pipe fittings, Shensuoqi series : - Soft waterproof casing - 3 plate connectors - Rapid channel connectors - Pipeline leaks devices - Various flow-Shensuoqi - Soft tub-type Shensuoqi - Steel casing Shensuqi - Heat pipes Shensuqi - Filter Shensuqi Rubber connectors, stainless steel corrugated series compensation device : - JTW-based generic practices - JTW-D type fan coil connectors - Xjy (JGD) type of synthetic rubber joints can explore music - Xjy (JGD) -B-based harassment can be double-spheroid rubber joints song - Xjy (JGD) -A-based harassment can be double-spheroid rubber joints song - KXD-stretch the rubber joints Yijing - WTX type of synthetic rubber joints can explore music - Xjy (JGD) -D type rubber Gezhen pad - JGD-Q type rubber sheared Gezhen devices - Compensation must type of pressure-corrugated-type vehicles JZW - Hinge horizontal type JJH, rolling hinge type of compensation by JWJ - Qmbw-style corrugated pipes buried throughout Jzbw Jianzhen style corrugated pipes - Must type of pressure-type corrugated compensation device JDZ Edge connectors series : - Vssja flange style pine sets extendable connectors - Vssjaf double-flange-edge connectors - Vssjafg single flange-edge connectors - VSSJA-1 flange type spacing extendable connectors - VSSJA-2 double flange spacing extendable connectors - VSSJAFC tiny double-flange-edge style connectors - SSJB gland-extendable connectors - SSJB-3 gland-spacing extendable connectors - Krhd steel soft joints Power plant smoke, wind, coal-series compensation device : - FGFB-3 type (rectangle) compensation device - FGFB-1, 2 type (rectangle) compensation device - XB-based compensation by the wind Road fibre fabrics (circular) - XB-based compensation by the wind Road fibre fabrics (rectangle) - YGFB-1-based compensation device, YGFB-2-based compensation device Valves type series : - SPD341H three sessions of two-way full-metal sealed Diefa - SD941H electric double-double eccentricity metal flange sealed extendable Diefa - D371H on clip-type metal sealed Diefa - DQ341H double eccentricity spherical hard sealed valves - D341X double eccentricity single two-way sealed Diefa - DQ941H electric double eccentricity hard sealed spherical valves - SD341X double eccentricity flange extendable Diefa - D941X electric double-double-flange holding two-way sealed Diefa - SD941X electric double-double-flange holding two-way sealed Diefa - D971X of clip-type electric Diefa - D371X worm gear attached to a Diefa - GBD341X double flange pipe network Diefa - Since the lock-pipe network to clip Diefa - KSD-based harassment can be extendable type song Diefa - Worm gear ventilation Diefa - HH49X Tip decline Obstruct to shut Zhihuifa - To clip and clip-Zhihuifa Wen Kai-Zhihuifa - Electric screen ventilation valves - XH81, XH41 type sewage foot-rubber Zhihuifa - Rectangle wind volume adjust valves

Contact Info

City water Materials Limited

City Yongan southern Hunan West Village,
ZhengZhou - 451281 (Outside India) China

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