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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Buildingmaterial Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1983

Many monuments of the modern day are a standing testimony to the timeless beauty and enduring grace of natural stone. From historic granite and marble to their more vercatile and exotic modern day cousins ? slate stone, lime stone, sand stone and phyllite these natural stones have been providing the defining touch of class to almost every structure of concrete and steel today.

The Indian subcontinent has always been a treasure house of rich mineral deposits and natural resources. Its numerous architectural marvels, modern as well as ancient are a witness to the wonders that can be wrought out of the many hued splendour of stone.

Samardha is a pioneer in the field of mining, processing and export of India?s natural building materials like slate stones, lime stones, sand stones, phyllites, marbles and granites. Samardha has carved for itself a niche as a progressive and reliable exporter and supplier of natural stones since 1994.

At Samardha all building materials are meticulously engineered for visual appeal, performance as well as durability. The master prieces moulded by Samardha have made their way to every corner of the globe and into many homes, offices and imposing structures world wide.

Samardha is a supplier for prestigious turnkey projects and high profile installations in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries.

The client list of Samardha is testimony to its commitment to quality and to the total customer satisfaction.

Managed by seasoned veterans in mining operations and marketing, Samardha has its own dedicated quarries and processing units which ensure utmost quality. Maintaining the highest service standards has become integral to every level of operations, right up to the point of delivery.

Products :

Manufacturers, exporters & importers of Slate stones, phyllites, lime stones, sand stones, marbles, granites, natural stones, natural slate stones, gauged slate stones, honed slate stones, polished slate stones, tumbled slate stones, 300*300mm slate stones, 400*400mm slate stones, 300*600mm slate stones, 600*600mm slate stones, rustic slate stones, black slatestones, slate stones in chocolate, copper grey slate stones, dusty rose slate stones, grey slate stones, slatestones in pink, yellow slate stones, green slate stones, red slate stones, white slate stones, copper slatestones, golden colour slate stones, silver slatestones, natural phyllites, gauged phyllites, polish phyllites, 300*300mm phyllites, 400*400mm phyllites, 300*600mm phyllites, 600*600mm phyllites, green phyllites, white phyllites, blue phyllites, grey phyllites, silver phyllites, black phyllites, gold colour in phyllites, pink phyllites, natural lime stones, gauged limestones, honed lime stones, tumbled limestones, polished lime stones, black limestones, green lime stones, yellow lime stones, blue limestones, lime stones in brown colour, natural sandstones, polish sand stones, tumbled sandstones, handcut sand stones, honed sandstones, gauged sand stones, sandstone in 300*300mm size, 400*400mm sand stone, 300*600mm sandstones, slabs, cobbles, pink colour sandstones, yellow sand stone, green marbles, caliberated marbles, brown marbles, chamfered marbles, polish marbles, yellow marbles, pink marbles, black granites, red granites, grey granites, brown granites, steel grey granites, ruby red granites, caliberated granites, chamfered granites, polish granites, 300*300mm granites, 300*600mm granites.

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Old. No.52, New No. 83,
Bazullah Road, T. Nagar,
Chennai - 600017 (Tamil Nadu) India

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