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delong machienry factory


delong machienry factory

delong machienry factory

Jinzhou, , China

Buildingmaterial Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1970

Delong, take building materials machinery as the leading product. Specialize in the paper gypsum board equipment, gypsum powder equipment, gypsum building block equipment, light steel fossil fragments equipment, cover membrane equipment, Brick making machine, coal gas take place the stove, environmental protection equipment, etc. Machining is self-contained, there are 260 workers now, engineers and technicians are 60, the mechanical production history for many years, high-quality scientific research, administrative staff and doing some training very often, experienced production, installing, debugging to workers and after-sale service professional personnel, win the market at its high-quality products, reasonable price, punctual stock and omni-directional good service, its large-scale paper gypsum board equipment made wins a scene of favorable comments at home and abroad.

Our factory offers the omni-directional service for gypsum board manufacturer of newly-built paper, Ann responsible for production line installs, debugs, offers gypsum board raw materials to fill a prescription, teach all operating technologies, until producing the acceptable product, and supply the mechanical fittings throughout the year. Greater mechanical disorder appears during production, the producer sends someone to rush to repair actively. In line with for the investment client's spirit with responsible interests, I often implement the varied cooperative way to the investment client.

First, turn-key project From is it plan factory building to design, one that is to a complete set of equipment manufacture and is it is it responsible for all by manufacturer to debug to install (whether soil build into demanding party bear), the price is decided according to annual production, way of drying and automatic degree

Second, take the place of and process nonstandard parts and according to installing and debugging Standard fittings and national fittings in common use are bought in the locality by oneself according to the designing requirement by the demanding party, facilitate maintenance of customer, economical some expenses of customer too, we are responsible for the technical training and install debugging

Third, local resources and feasible analysis report on the market We send engineers and technicians and analytical instrument, carry on the technical appraisement to the market of the demanding party and local resource, for instance the gypsum powder and parameter index of the coal, and other dressing composition analyzing and market analysis of the management state of local markets, and carry on objective analysis in the place preliminary to the demanding party, we feedback their reports to the demanding party in written form finally. The demanding party bears our personnel's road and normal board and lodging expenses, pay 3000-5000 yuan and reconnoitre fee. Most suited to having customer of worry to investment. In order to let customers grasp the proficiency materials, the welcome customer investigates our direct customer at home and abroad nearby!

Products :

We are Manufacturers & Exporters of following products :- .Thistle board equipment .Glass-magnesium board equipmen .Minerial board equipment

Contact Info

delong machienry factory

no.8 xiangyang road jinzhou
jinzhou - 05226 () China

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