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Dalvand Group


Dalvand Group

Dalvand Group

Dubai, , United Arab Emirates

Buildingmaterial Products - Services,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 0

A trader buys and sells securities, which include currencies, stocks, bonds, and options, to make a profit. The worth of these securities is derived from the value of an underlying asset-and commodities (steel, stone, cocoa, coffee, sugar, etc.). Trader's are employed by hedge funds (partnerships that invest in stocks, futures, options, and currencies), the company, therefore, has to offset its foreign exchange exposure. A trader?s day starts at 7:30 a.M. And ends at 5:30 p.M., and the work is creative as well as routine. You go through the same motions and your mind is set to work in the same way, but you have to be creative with ideas in order to make money. You need discipline, which is related to routine, and you must be able to make quick decisions, think fast on your feet, and be a risk-taker. Traders are disciplined and creative gamblers at heart. There's no way you can be calm in this job.

Sales and marketing is the flip-side of trading-a company needs a contact in a bank to call to make a price for the company in order to trade. This role is fulfilled by marketers or sales people, who are called constantly by clients for their ideas about trading.

Products :

Our products :- Dalvand Group is a leader in providing finance and trade solutions for all kinds of businesses, enable them to take hold the current IT revolution as well as the international market for years to come. Dalvand Group is a known name in advisory solution innovator serving companies ranking from small businesses to corporate enterprises. Providing solutions for businesses regarding to your needs, Dalvand Group is committed to make connections and finance systems in your marketing plan. - Agency As your representative (Agency), we provide the best service for selling your goods and services. - Offshore Services We can arrange registration offshore company, offshore trusts, banking services, merchant accounts, virtual offices, internet services, arrange offshore finance and business solution. - Consultant To enter Iran market it is needed to have information, experienced advisor who is familiar with Iran market. We are ready to offer you the best service and useful advices to execute Constructional Civil , Road , Rail Way , Airport and Dam , even Power plant projects and also the use of technical knowledge of Iranian engineers specifically in the field of providing Software and Hardware programs and sub constructor implement of all above Projects. Business :- - Import and Export Warm Welcoming to Iran Market With the accurate use of ecommerce and ETO (Electronic Trading Opportunity), we make Iranian market available to sell your goods and Products also to prepare your inquiries from Iranian products and services. Our experience in exporting and importing would be the best Service for you. Stone :- Dalvand Group specialized in Dimensional Stone Block inspection, selection, trading and exporting from Iran. Our professional inspection team has enabled us to provide the most reliable and professional service to our international clients. Dalvand Group select of the finest Iranian Marble, Travertine, Onyx and Limestone Blocks giving the competitive advantage of the fastest delivery time.

Contact Info

Dalvand Group

Office # 406
Journal Al- Majid Commercial Building
P.O .Box 49322
Dubai - 0000 () United Arab Emirates

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