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Evershine Granites


Evershine Granites

Evershine Granites

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Buildingmaterial Products - Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1947

Mohammed Pasha Sahib, the founder of Evershine Group who aimed for perfection by perseverance and determination right from the early 40's with his earthly enterprises like Iron Ore Trading , Cloth Merchandising, Agriculture and Jewellery to name a few from this 15 establishments which is the reason for our success story today.

Way back in 1942, we forged India Granite Art Works, aiming high, ploughing ahead paitiently with a passion for perfection and accomplished many "firsts" that he handed down to his sons Asgar Ahmed Pasha, Munavar Basha and to their sons the fruits of his labour.

Our Firsts :
-First to export granite monuments to U.K all by hand polishing and dressing.
-First to hold 50% of the export share of the entire Indian granite market for over a decade('60's & '70's).
-First to introduce polished granite slabs to overseas and Indian market ('70's).
-First to introduce kerb stones and cubes to overseas and Indian market ('80's).
-First to discover the multicolor granites from the South where quarries emerged.
-The poineer and the oldest granite industry existing for three generations.

Products :

We are exporters of quality granite products. Wide variety of our export quality include Rough dimensional block, Polished slabs/tiles, Markers, Monuments, Flamed & Bush hammered paving slabs, Kerbs, Pollers, Balls, Steps, Cobbles/Cubes & Granite furniture. Specialities of Evershine Granite product finishes include High Gloss Polishing, Flaming and Bush hammer. Our exclusive granite varieties are Kuppam Green, Red Multicolour, Paradiso Bash, Multicolour & Coral Blue.

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exporter of marbles....

exporter of SANDSTONES-Dholpur Pink....

SLATES-Ocean Green
exporter of SLATES-Ocean Green....

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Contact Info

Evershine Granites

15 Vittal Malya Road
Bangalore - 560001 (Karnataka) India

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