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TruCurve Glass


TruCurve Glass

TruCurve Glass

Dublin, , Ireland

Buildingmaterial Products - Trader,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

Trucurve is Ireland's premier glass company curving glass to your specification. The highest standards are maintained consistently in all our products, giving you the security and freedom to implement imaginative and exciting design solutions. Our quality control centres around two principal areas :
Accuracy of the bend
Optical quality of the finished product
It requires temperatures of around 600?C before glass will physically bend, but if too much heat is used, the level of distortion increases. Experience, therefore is crucial in this area to achieve the right balance. We realise also that design and consultation are vital in the early stages of any project and so we are always ready to assist the designer in the areas of feasibility and practicality. Our main business is in supplying the glass, aluminium and shop fitting trades with their requirements, but we can where asked, work direct with the designer or builder providing a complete installation service. Whatever your business, and whatever your aspirations for your building or environment, Trucurve will help make your ideas into a permanent and visually outstanding reality.

Products :

Annealed as Standard : Bending standard annealed glass produces glass with a surface stress on the convex side of the bend, resulting in what is called heat-strengthened glass. It is approximately twice as strong as standard flat annealed glass. Laminated for Safety : Laminating two panels of curved glass together ensures that the glass meets with building safety regulations. We use a cold cure resin to achieve this, which has excellent properties for noise reduction and U.V. Screening. Colour Laminate For Effect : We add colour pigments to the cold cure resin to give either an obscure or translucent effect. Uses include spandrel and fanlight panels, office screen dividers, canopies etc. Samples are available on request. Insulated Units : Curved glass can also be incorporated into insulated units using any combination of glass types including: standard float, body tinted, laminated, low emissivity, solar control. Units are manufactured using a silicone foam spacer, dual seal system, which gives the benefit of the latest warm edge technology in combination with a butyl thermoplastic seal. Solar Control : Only some of the high performance, reflective coated, solar control glasses are available in curved form. However, body tinted glass in bronze, grey, blue or green can be an effective option for interior temperature control. Low Emissivity : Low emissivity glass can be incoroprated into insulated units as the inner leaf to retain a higher proportion of heat generated within a building. Silk Screen Printing : Glass can be printed using ceramic inks that, after the bending process, are integrated with the glass surface and have excellent abrasion and environmental resistance. Single or multi coloured designs can provide a decorative finish which is ideal for use in areas such as company emblems, staircase balustrading etc. It can also be used to highlight potentially high-risk glazed areas.

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TruCurve Glass

Grand Canal Business Centre,
Jamestown Road, Inchicore
Dublin - 000 () Ireland

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