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Tehran, , Iran

Buildingmaterial Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

KHARAZM STONE is a distinguished and well-respected stone import, export, and distribution company in IRAN with close to 19 years of experience.
Company Director, Mr. Kianfar Kharazmi, has almost 20 years of experience working in the stone industry in Iran and through his experience and management he has built a successful and productive company at the leading edge of his field, in the stone industry in Iran. As a result of Mr. Kharazmi’s professionalism and expertise, KHARAZM STONE has also become widely recognized on the international market.
KHARAZM STONE offers a wide range of locally and internationally sourced natural stone products, including GRANITE, MARBLE, TRAVERTINE, ONYX, and CRYSTAL. KHARAZM STONE’s stone products come in a variety of colours, textures, and shades, many of which can be viewed on its website, all of which can be viewed in KHARAZM STONE’s showroom in Tehran. All of the products are of the most superior quality and beauty, with many rare and unique stones available. KHARAZM STONE has its own quarry and manufactory located in Tehran.
The success of KHARAZM STONE is related to the importance it places on providing only the most superior quality natural stone products at the most competitive prices. It is these factors, in combination with their expertise in the field, that places them at the leading edge of the stone industry in Iran and on the international market.

Products :

We are Manufacturers & Exporter of Natural Stone Products. Our Products are :- - Granite :- Granite is one of the most common slate stones. But the reputation of Iran is because of Travertine and Marble, specially Onyx. But in present decades, valuable granite sources with great quality in red, black, dark green, light green, white and in pink colors with small and big black dots are exploited. - Marble :- Marble of Iran , because of widespread sources, variety of colors and consisting materials, is superior to other slate stones. Some stones like Dehbid cream stone is unique in the world, because of hardness, capacity, variety, beauty, color.This stone is expensive and luxurious in all over the world. It is estimated that the total amount of Marble in Iran is more than 2/165 million tons. This shows that Marble mines have extraordinary potential for investment and expansion in Iran. - Travertine :- Travertine is a type of porous malm stone with chemical origin, The sources of this stone is 450 million tons that some of them are unique because of quality, color and various designs such as Azar Shahr Travertine's have lots of customers in Iran and American markets. This stone is recognized as an expensive and luxurious stone by its fans. Iran is the only producer in the world. Mahllat white Travertine which has a source as much as 5/12 million tons, is one of the best slates to export. - Onyx :- Onyx is made of glassy lime carbonate and generally is seen in crystal layers with yellow, brown and green shadows. The existence of rich sources of this stone is seen in Iran with variety of colors in green, yellow, gray, honey and white. The amount of these stones in Iran is estimated more than 44 million tons. - Marble (Crystal)

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West Tehran Natural Stone Co-operative - Unit 29 -Nour SQ. - West Ressalat Highway
Tehran - 000 () Iran

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