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Vitech Finishing Systems


Vitech Finishing Systems

Vitech Finishing Systems

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Buildingmaterial Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1993

Vitech Finishing Systems was established in the year 1993 with an objective to develop, manufacture, design and export world class Air Pollution Control Equipment and Systems with a view to drastically minimize, if not totally avoid environment degradation. Vitech has really made it big by virtue of its quality products. The company's commitment towards quality has always been the driving force behind its success and growth since its inspection.We provide energy conserving superior equipment design to give the most functional and cost effective solutions to environment pollution and surface coating problems. New systems are design and developed to meet specific customers requirement and a commitment to meet the standards set by customers and OEMs.Vitech Finishing Systems provides cost effective solutions that will in turn, make operations more productive. The company has built its reputation upon their custom designed Turn-Key Systems. We are well known throughout the industry for our innovative engineering and custom construction of Turn-Key Systems, we combine that with exceptional customer support, training and installation. Our goal is to achieve customer's expectations by providing quality, performance and dependability, is achieved through our collective commitment to excellence in the creation of the custom designed turnkey system. The great thing about our company is that we manufacture each turnkey system in our facility.

Products :

Manufacturers & Exporters of Paint shop equipments. PRETREATMENT - PHOSPHATING PLANTS : The design and the number of stages of the Phosphating Plant are completely customized to meet the needs and desires of the client as a spray, immersion or combination of both. We offer automated state of art Spray Phosphating plant for continuous operation or batch Dip Tank Process. SPRAY PHOSPHATING LINE : Conveyorised Spray Phosphating plant comprises of a number of spray sections through which the components pass by Over-head Conveyor. Ideal for large production rates Special spray nozzles for effective cleaning Provision for heating; easy cleaning and maintenance BATCH TYPE : Batch Phosphating plant comprises of several tanks for De-greasing, De-Rusting, Phosphating, Passivation, Chromating and Rinsing. Tanks are available in various M.O.C such as M.S/S.S or FRP Tank heating is provided using Electrical / Oil / Gas heating systems Air Agitation is provided for effective Rinsing Fume Exhaust and scrubbing arrangements are provided for clean environment. PAINT BOOTHS : Vitech paint booths are designed and built to international standards to comply statutory regulations. Vitech also offer custom made non - standard size of paint booth for large equipment such as trucks, structures, vessels etc. BAFFLE TYPE PAINT BOOTH : ? No pump is required. ? Negligible Maintenance ? Compact in Shape, hence occupies less space. ? Pre- Treated GI panels. ? Corrosion protection inside tank. WATER CURTAIN BOOTH (WITHOUT PUMP) : Water curtain is achieved by suction of the blower through venturies and discharged across a trough. The water level in the tank is maintained by a water level controller. There are no filters, piping, and nozzles and hence less maintenance ? High Air washing / Paint collection efficiency. ? Sludge is eliminated at the bottom of the Tank. ? Negligible Maintenance. WATER CURTAIN BOOTH (WITH PUMP) : A pump is used to circulate the water from the tank into a trough through pipes and non-clog nozzles ideal for conveyorised lines and for long vertical jobs. ? Water curtain is achieved by a pump. ? The booth is baffle type booth with water curtain. ? Filters are provided on the pump inlet side. DRY TYPE PAINT BOOTH : ? Ideal for users with low paint consumption levels. ? Clean work environment ? Low power consumption for exhaust blower ? Filters can be easily replaced ? No effluents, Less operating cost Separation of paint particles by inertia ? Top Quality Finishes for Industrial and Consumer Products ? Suitable for all types of Paints / Varnish excepts water based paints ? Paint is filtered by perforated filters; it can be replaced after it is saturated. ? Filters are made of high strength water repellant recycled Kraft fiber paper POWDER COATING BOOTHS : Powder coating booths are designed for manual Batch/ Conveyorised operations. The powder spray booths with cyclone recovery systems give high economy with excellent powder reclamation and provide a clean working environment. The booths are modular and ergonomically designed with optimum air flow velocities across all the opening. Multicolors / High efficiency cyclones with Filter Bags ensure high powder recovery and nil emissions. DRY OFF OVENS, HOT AIR OVENS : VITECH offers Drying Oven of all sizes for batch or conveyorised plants. Baking process is the final crucial step in paint finishing process. VITECH Ovens are engineered to maintain precise temperature control over a wide range of temperature for different paint finishes safety and maintenance aspects are covered in the initial design stage. Energy saving and cost effectiveness of the ovens ensure profitability in competitive market. ? Optimum air flow design for uniform temperature ? Tongue and groove panels for minimum heat conduction losses ? High density insulation - minimum heat loss ? Variety of heating media - Electrical / Diesel/Gas ? High efficiency burners for complete combustion ? Automatic temperature controls ? Unique design of heat exchanger for improved heat transfer efficiency HOT AIR GENERATORS : ? 40 - 50% Cost saving with Diesel / Gas over Electrical heating ? Designed for Hot Air Temp of 100 to 400?C (max.) ? Suitable Blower & Burner are provided ? Comprises of SS 310 Combustion Chamber (Tear Drop Shape) and Heat exchanger housed in a Ceramic wool insulated enclosure ? Hot Air Generators are compact in construction and designed to suit any type of heating application Range 1 to 12 lakhs Kcal/Hr. TURNKEY PROJECTS AIR POLLUTION CONTROL EQUIPMENTS

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Vitech Finishing Systems

AP- 123, AF block, 6th Street, 11th Main Road,Anna Nagar

Chennai - 600 040 (Tamil Nadu) India

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