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Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

Buildingmaterial Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1985

Founded in 1985, Parlab is the leading manufacturer of products viz. Surface coatings ( SWIPE Spray ?N? Shine ), paint solvents, specialized customer centric solvent systems, and various kinds of thinners for paints.

The hallmark of our product as perceived by our reputed client base, both in the actual user and distribution segments, is our sound and consistent quality and prompt product deliveries conforming with the requirement of Just in Time (JIT) .

We at PARLAB believe that product performance and delivery should be in total alignment with customer?s specification.

Right from adhering to strict norms of specification testing of our inputs to the finished product performance appraisal and end quality control using sophisticated analytical tools like Gas Chromatograph(G.C.) , K.F titrimeter, Spectrophotometer.

The analysis is carried out under the guidance of experienced and qualified instrumentation engineers and PhD?s .

We have huge base of clients all over India, who swear by the quality of our products. The unique formulations have won a steady client base and we are looking forward to extend our operations in the countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.

Products :

Manufacturers of Surface Coatings, Paint Solvents & Thinners :- -Surface Coatings (SWIPE ? Spray ?N? Shine):- The easy and international way to keep your wood & leather shiny & glossy. The product is a state of the art wax in silicone emulsion(WISE)packaged in an Aerosol Can (300gms) for easy dispensing with an attractive product packaging appeal. The liquid polish content is sprayed on the surface of wood and leather and rubbed with a soft piece of cloth till a visible restoration of surface appearance and gloss occurs. SWIPE is skin friendly, non toxic and the aerosol can is free of any CFC propellants thus conforming to international specifications. The ideal House keeping utility for House keepers, hoteliers and corporate offices. The wood surfaces includes pre-polished interiors, wardrobes, paneling, laminates while leather surfaces includes bags, purses, leather garments, upholstery and leather cloth(rexine).The proprietory composition of liquid polish not only restores the surface tone and general appearance of these surfaces but also renders the surfaces resistant to fungal infection. Apart from wood and leather surfaces, SWIPE also works well on glass, plastic and finished metal surfaces. -Thinners/Diluents of various kinds, and their respective end uses are enumerated below :- (a) Paint Solvents of various range. (b)Thinner NC (for dissolving Nitrocellulose resins, automotive refinish and chandras resin) (c) Thinner LD (for dissolving shellac) (d) Thinner Epoxy(for diluting epoxy based paints) (e) Thinner Polyurethane ( for thinner P.U. Based paints) (f) General purpose Thinner for Air drying paints. (g) Stoving Thinners used for the application of Stoving Paints (h) Automotive Brake fluid (alcoholic) base. (i) Nail Enamel solvent system for dissolving NC cottons. (j) Diluents and Reducers for the printing inks, user and manufacturers and user. (k) Solvent System for laminate manufacturers. (l) Special blends for use in Zari Saree manufacturing. (m) Spot cleaning formulation for hand knotted wool and carpets. (n) Extraction Solvents for pesticides manufacturers.

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56, Industrial Estate,
MNNIT, Near Narain Ashram,
Allahabad - 211 004 (Uttar Pradesh) India

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