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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Buildingmaterial Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

Harmony, the Mumbai (India) based company, manufacturers & suppliers of paint additives, emulsifier, dispersing agents, defoamers, is a member of a renowned group of companies which are engaged in wide spectrum of fields like Industrial Garments, Hospital Garments, Flexible Laminated Packaging (Pouch & Roll Form). The company in its eight years of operation has touched various incredible heights in the paint and Ink industry.

At Harmony, offering Techno-Commercial Products is philosophy for growth, where premium quality and complete customers satisfaction is given utmost importance. The company continuously strives to manufacture products that touches a chord with the customers. The company believes in having the basic knowledge of its operation, a fundamental understanding of sales psychology in serving old customers and attracting new ones and a thorough appreciation of the economics of money handling.

The company has a perfect blend of men and machines. It has its in-house production unit equipped with state-of-the-art machines. The team boasts of some of the renowned chemical engineers and other dedicated professionals.

At Harmony, premium quality and complete customer satisfaction is given utmost importance. The company continuously strives to manufacture products that are long lasting and provide excellent grip. We are a quality leader in the field of Paint Additives and cater to the requirements of the industry by offering matchless products.

The company's superior quality products have been widely appreciated and accepted by the top-notch companies. It boasts of serving slew of elite clients from all across the globe.

Products :

Manufacturers and Exporters of paint additive like paint thickeners, dispersing agents, emulsifier, defoamers, preservatives and host of other products are :- For Solvent / Oil Based Systems : -Paint Thickener -S (Additive 4113) :- Thickener in Powder Form for Solvent / Oil based system. Effective at Low Dose Levels. This is an ideal replacement of Aluminium Stearate. -Paint Defoamer (Additive 4122) :- Silicone Free Defoamer for Solvent based systems. -Enhance Hide & Flow Additive (Additive 4125) :- Modifies Flow of the system + Improves Dispersion and thereby optimizing Hiding + Imparts Brightness to the Shade. Suitable for Resin systems like Alkyd, Modified Resins (Maleic / Phenolic), P.U., Epoxy, Polyamide, Chain Stop Alkyds, Solvent based Acrylics etc (Not compatible with N.C.). -Dispersing Agent (Additive 4137) :- Improves Dispersion of tuff to Disperse Pigments like Carbon Black + Leveling + Adhesion + Anti-corrosive Properties of Solvent / Oil based system. -Aqua Mix - Plus Additive (Additive 4101) :- Emulsifier Free Additive to incorporate water in Alkyd based system. It helps reducing Settling Problem, imparts Thixotropy and Reduces Cost of the final product. Recommended for High PVC Paints. Also can be incorporated in Enamels with little reduction in Gloss. -Shine Fine Additive (Additive 4107) :- Dispersing Agent + Viscosity Drop Controller for Alkyd based Paints. -Anti-settling Agent (Additive 4110) :- Anti-settling Agent for Alkyd based Primers and Enamels. -Viscosity Modifier (Additive 4128) :- Improves Rheological properties of solvent based system and gives high build Film with minimum adverse effect on Gloss. Imparts clarity to the paint film. For Water Based Systems : -Paint Defoamer SF (Additive 5118) :- Silicon Free Defoamer for Water Based Systems. -Disperser - W (Additive 5106) :- Dispersing Agent for Waterborne Coatings. It enhances Color Value of the Pigment incorporated. Imparts Soft Buttery Finish to Putty (Stucco) & High PVC Water based Coatings. -Powder Disperser (Additive 5136) :- Very Low Foaming Dispersing Agent for Water based Coatings. Most suitable for Inorganic Pigments & Extenders. -Additive Waterborne Coatings (Additive 5109) :- Single Additive for Waterborne Coatings having in-can and dry film preservatives, Dispersing Agents, Freeze-thaw-Stabilizer, Coalescing Aid etc. -Paste Additive (Additive 5115) :- Single additive to make Aqueous Pastes / Tinters for Color Matching Machine. It's low foaming tendency permits Higher Pigment Loading. -Eco-friendly Antimicrobial Agent (Additive 5133) :- It is White powder with faint odor, suitable as Preservative (Antimicrobial Agent) for Water based Coatings. Effective at low dose level.

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9, Saibaba Dham,
Saibaba Nagar,
Borivli (West)
Mumbai - 400 092 (Maharashtra) India

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