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Natural Stones
A variety of stone products like all types of marble, tile, granite etc are available in the market. The beauty and opulence of natural stone products have prevailed as the most sought after finish in any building in crafting customized floors, walls, countertops, columns, fireplaces and bathroom.

These stone products are available in polished as well as unpolished state. These stone products come with various price ranges suiting every individual's budget. They are available in different size, shape, type, thickness etc. Some of these stone products are available in block, some in slabs and some in tile. They are imported sometimes and sometimes locally made. Stone products are strong and sturdy and can carry a lot of weight.

Natural stone products are mostly used in making and decorating building, office, industry, organizations etc. These are also custom made as per the requirement and specifications of the customer. They are used in construction industries and in most of the industrial sectors.

The range of natural stones includes Slate Stone, Sand Stone, Mosaic Stone, Cobble & Pebble, Marble, granite, Minerals and genuine, natural stones that are not dyed, synthesized, stabilized or enhanced - just genuine cut and polished gemstones, or pure rough gem material for your use.

Granite tile and marble flooring are excellent floor materials. Both marble and granite tile are natural stone products, very durable and stain resistant. Other options for floors include slate and terrazzo. All except for terrazzo are installed like ceramic tile. Marble and granite tile exhibit a wide range of stain resistance. Marble is more porous than granite.

Natural beauty, durability, resistance to heat and a sense of permanence are the hallmarks of a granite tile. Granite is an important structural and ornamental stone, and due to its high compressive strength and durability, it is used for massive structural work. Fine-grained granite is employed for ornamental and monumental work as well as for inscription purposes. It is the hardest of structural natural stones. Granite tiles are quite literally, as old as the earth, perfect for use in residential and commercial flooring applications. Granite Slabs are ideal for fabricating granite counter tops, flooring, retaining walls and landscaping around a center fountain/pond.

A marble is a metamorphic rock formed by alteration of limestone or dolomite, often irregularly colored by impurities and used especially in architecture and sculpture. Marble tiles are suitable for bathrooms, entryways and fireplaces, living & dining areas. Marble floor tiles are also used for both interior and exterior flooring applications. Some of the different colors of marble are white, red, black, mottled and banded, gray, pink, and green. Marble flooring adds class to the home and gives it a feel of luxury. The best thing about the marble floors is that, they lend a very soothing cooling touch to the home.

Slate Tiles

 Although slate is available in different forms, the use of slate tile allows for the most creativity. Slates are manufactured in sizes that are as small as 6"x6" or 3"x9" up to 24"x24" or 24"x18". They may be available in a plethora of shapes such as square, rectangular, triangular, irregular, or custom made shapes.

Slate tiles are available in varied patterns to suit the different needs of users. Manufacturers of slate tiles specialize in custom-making a large range of patterns for slate tiles that can be copied from a number of traditional layouts or designed to give a more artistic or individual scheme.

Colors and  Textures
Slate tile provide a large choice of color and textures, and individual designs are limitless. The slate stones used may be brown, green, blue, grey or a combination of different colors. They can have different finishes and textures.

Slate Strips
A strip is a long narrow piece, usually of uniform width. Due to its excellent performance and rustic appearance, Slate stone has emerged as a widely used stone in the construction industry, worldwide. Hence, strips made of slate stone have become important components of any construction project that uses slate stone. Fabricated out of slate stone, Slate strips are made by cutting slate into pieces of different lengths and widths to suit specific purposes.

Different colors of slate such as brown, green, gray etc are used to make Slate stone strips. These can be custom designed and made in different dimensions for varied applications.

The highly durable slate stone strips find application for wall cladding, roofing and flooring purposes. These strips are used to make different designs on the walls and a combination of different colored slate stones can be used to create varied patterns.

Slate Slabs
A slab is a thick, broad piece of slate stone, which can be further used to create a large variety of artifacts and things of use in the kitchen, living rooms or gardens. When the slate's cleavage is not very pronounced, thick slabs can be produced which have a great variety of uses such as gravestones, snooker tables, mortuary slabs, and to keep food cool in kitchens.

All the slate stone artifacts are available in different finishes and dimensions. Manufacturers are adept at providing custom designs to suit different applications.

Types of Stones
There is a wide variation in the composition and colors of the slate stones. Slabs made from slate stone are available in a vast variety of colors like gray, blue, brown and green.

Slate Chips

Slate, the durable stone used for construction is also available in the form of slate chips. Either naturally occurring or mechanically chipped, these easy to use chips, can be simply spread over the area, which needs to be covered. They can be applied directly on top of grass or dirt. These are available in various colors.

Slate chips are used as a base for paths and larger pieces as fences. The naturally occurring slate chips are widely used as topside material. Slate chips can also be used with a synthetic weed barrier to cut down or eliminate weed growth. A barrier that allows water penetration is recommended. To achieve attractive and professional looking results, make sure to completely cover the barrier with a generous layer of slate chips.

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