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Environment Friendly Material and Techniques
By and large, conventional building technologies like burnt bricks, steel and cement are high in cost, utilise large amount of non-renewable natural resources like energy, minerals, top-soil, forest cover etc. These increase dependence on external materials and manpower, harm the local economy and are generally polluting in nature.The materials and technologies chosen for construction must, in addition to functional efficiency, fulfil some or more of the following criterion, for the cause of sustainability and a better quality environment.

  • Non endanger bio-reserves and be non-polluting
  • Be self-sustaining and promote self-reliance
  • Recycle polluting waste into usable materials
  • Utilize locally available materials
  • Utilize local skills, manpower and management systems
  • Benefit local economy by being income generating
  • Utilize renewable energy sources
  • Be accessible to the people
  • Be low in monetary cost

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