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Building Materials and Technology Development Council
          To undertake Identification of potential technologies with emphasis on utilization of agricultural and industrial wastes.

  • Demonstrate through pilot plants and scale up the proven technologies for commercial production and help in development of appropriate standards.
  • To undertake in collaboration with other organisations and state governments dissemination of technologies to public and private agencies and household sector.
  • To provide technical assistance and guidance for materials and market surveys, for preparation of techno-economic feasibility reports and advise on location of industrial units for manufacture of building materials.
  • To help in developing a policy on effective utilisation of flyash and other industrial and agricultural wastes for production of building materials and components and application in construction sector.
  • To actively advocate with the major construction departments such as CPWD, MES, Railways, P & T Public Enterprises, state PWDs, Housing Boards, Development Authorities in suitably modifying their schedules of specifications/rates, tender documents to enable induction of innovative materials techniques and management practices.
  • To promote innovative construction techniques like prefabrication technology, ready mixed concrete, in construction of housing projects and help in the establishment of industrial units manufacturing prefabricated materials and components.
  • To assist manufacturers of conventional materials like bricks, tiles etc. in introducing modern, cost-effective, energy efficient technologies for improving productivity, quality of products and reducing energy consumption.
  • To develop and promote substitute materials for wood and cement for reducing their consumption in housing and building construction. Also to support further research and development of process technologies and product design.
  • To develop and promote disaster resistant construction technologies for building programmes in disaster prone areas.

Financial Help

  • To provide financial support in critical areas of technology development and transfer and for setting up of pilot plants, testing, characterisation and technology evaluation facilities.
  • To provide and recommend to government and financing institutions for venture capital and technology upgradation support to industries/entrepreneurs for commercialisation/modernisation of appropriate technologies.
  • To recommend for equity and credit support by industrial and housing finance institutions to industries/entrepreneurs for establishment of building materials manufacturing units in different parts of the country.
  • To make recommendations to government from time to time for fiscal and other concessions to be provided for promoting and scaling up of new technologies and building materials and to help in evolving pricing policies for different materials.
  • Help in dissemination
  • To ensure technological and promotional support to building Centres and help in linking these Centres with housing programmes and construction agencies for improving marketing of new standardised building materials and components and thus keeping the construction costs within affordable limits by promoting new technologies.
  • To assist in setting up of rural Building Centres for training of village artisans, craftsmen and help in production in simple building components using local materials and skills.
  • To promote intensive entrepreneurial development programmes for commercialisation of technologies and innovative building materials.
  • To act as a platform for continuous interface between the research organisations, housing agencies and financing institutions for reorientation the professional practices to facilitate use of innovative technologies and building materials.
  • To coordinate with national, state and local level institutions for periodic training and orientation courses for professionals like engineers, architects, town planners, contractors and construction managers for creating confidence in use of new materials and technologies.
  • To evolve a skill certification system on the basis of training in new technologies and innovative building materials.
  • To promote new technologies by establishing a suitable system for performance evaluation and validation of new technologies and building materials.

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