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buildingmaterial Member Directory(Frp)

Jiangsu Jiuding Group Ltd

[Jiangsu, China]
We are manufacturers, traders and exporters of the fiberglass products. Our products include:- -Fiberglass Products -Alkaline-resistance mesh fabric -Self-adhesive mesh tape -Wall patch -Corner tape -Outlet patch -Glasswool ceilin -Decoration printing mat -Decoration cloth -Wallcovering -Reinforcing Netlike Fiberglass cloth for Grinding Wheel -Netlike piece for fiberglass.....

Huayuan Composite Material Equipment Co,.Ltd

[Hebei, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of garden decoration, transportation, chemical engineering instrument products such as:- Flowerpots:- - Planters - Urns - Fountains - Statuaries Frp grating:- - Summary - Color - Characteristic - Install - Illustration Stones:- - Keystone - Stone bar - Rock - Decorative quadrel FRP PIPE:- - Filament winding FRP pipe - FRP pi.....

Ercon Prefabs

[Jodhpur, India]
Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of prefabricated office building, prefabricated modular home, prefabricated shed and prefabricated cabins are :- .Prefabricated Housings :- -Prefabricated Rooms -Prefabricated Shed -Prefabricated Modular Home -Prefabricated Modular Building .Prefabricated Structures :- -Insulated Prefabs Structure -Customized Prefabs Structure -Factory Made.....

Ercon Prefabs

[Jodhpur, India]
Manufacturers and Exporters of prefabricated office building, prefabricated modular home, prefabricated shed, prefabricated cabins and fibreglass products like: Prefabricated Housings:- - Prefabricated Rooms - Prefabricated Shed - Prefabricated Modular Home - Prefabricated Modular Building Prefabricated Structures:- - Insulated Prefabs Structure - Customized Prefabs Structure .....


[Hengshui, China]
Manufacturers of frp tank, frp pipeline, cooling tower, heatig ventilation, smc water tank......

Arihant Enterprises

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacture and Export of - High quality and cost effective induction furnace spares. 1. Insulation material (Hardner, Resin, FRP Tape, Silicon Tape, Woven Tape, Polyster Resin etc.) 2. Permali Wood supports 3. Thyristors, Diodes, MOVs, Resistors, Capacitors, Semi conductor fuses 4. Water cooled leads 5. Hydraulic materials-Hydraulic Pump, Hose, Valve, Cylinder, Seal Set 6. Tempera.....

Glass Plastic & Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd.

[Ghaziabad, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter of Tanks - Storage Tanks, Reaction Vessels, Acid Oil Splitting Tanks, Spent Acid / Alkyl Holding Tanks, Rinsing Tanks, Acid Trays and Road Tankers. Piping - Pipe Lines, Pumps and Valves. Pollution Control Equipment - For air pollution control plant Ducting, Blowers, Scrubbers, Absorber and Fume Extraction Hoods for effluent treatment plants Gas Holders, Rea.....

Foshan Ketelong Building Materials Co., Ltd.

[Guangdong, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters Of Building Materials Products. Our Products Rang Include: Polycarbonate Solid Sheets Polycarbonate Hollow Panels FRP Lighting Corrugated Sheet FRP Flat Sheets Polycarbonate Transparent Corrugated Sheets Abrasive Corrugated Sheets PVC Corrugated Sheets PVC Solid Sheets PVC Transparent Corrugated Sheets ASA/PVC Complex Corrugated Sheets PC Hollow Panels PC C.....

Puda Industrial Co., Ltd.

[Taichung, Taiwan]
We are Manufacturers and Exporters of bathroom Accessories. It is combined with floor pan made of FRP, ceiling panel made of FRP or PVC steel panel and innovative PU wall panel. The surface material of wall panel could be tile, PET Film and other stones. Our Product Range : Hotel Type Hospital Type Japanese Style Common Type * Floor Pan Slip-proof design Waterproof edges Or.....


[Rajkot, India]
Exportes of Building Materials such as:
Flooring: Granite, Marble, Sand Stone, Slates, Ceramic Floor tiles, Vitrified tiles, Marbonitr tiles, Cement Construction floor tiles, Natural Wooden Floorings, Laminated Wooden floorings, Vinyl Floorings, Rubber Floorings, Quartzite, lime Stone cobbles.
Wall Finishes: Ceramic Luster Wall tiles, Gypsum Plater, Sand Stone/Quartzite Cladding, Wall Paint.....

Kothari Corrosion Controllers

[Ahmedabad, India]
Manufacturer, Exporter & Turnkey Applicator. Following Manufacture Products are:- Furene, Phenolic, Cashew (CNSL), K- Silicate, Epoxy, Sulphur, Polyster, Primer, Mastic, Carbon-Filled Mortar, Brick and Tiles. Exports:- ACID / ALKALI PROOF : Cements, Resins, Mortars, Bricks, Tiles, Carbon / Graphite Tiles & Mortars of world class Quality at any corner of the globe at most competitive rates. .....


[Bangalore, India]
We are manufacturers of HDPE mosquito netting,HDPE Net Bags,Industrial Filters,Window Meshes,HDPE/PPwoven sacks for bulk packing,FRP Roofing system / Wonder doors,Seamless Raschel Knitted Vegetable Sacks

Tej Innovative Products

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers & Exporters of epoxy floor coatings, concrete epoxy coating, concrete floor sealers, wood floor sealers :- Building & Construction Aids :- ? Epoxy paints/ Epoxy Coatings/Adhesives/Lacquers ? Polyurethane Paints/Coatings/Lacquers ? Exterior water proof Algae & Fungus resistance paints /Coatings ? Decorative Textured Coatings for Exterior & Interior building requirements ? Ther.....


[Hong Kong, Hong Kong]
Manufacturers & Importers of Fiberglass Roving : We, Texas Fiberglass Group is an enterprise specialized in the field of fiberglass products. The main products are fiberglass roving, fiberglass mesh, fiberglass yarn, fiberglass screen, chopped strand mat, fiberglass sleeving, glass fibre, fiberglass portiere, fiberglass tissue, fiberglass tape, alkali resistance fiberglass, e-glass yarn, spr.....

Vitech Finishing Systems

[Chennai, India]
Manufacturers & Exporters of Paint shop equipments. PRETREATMENT - PHOSPHATING PLANTS : The design and the number of stages of the Phosphating Plant are completely customized to meet the needs and desires of the client as a spray, immersion or combination of both. We offer automated state of art Spray Phosphating plant for continuous operation or batch Dip Tank Process. SPRAY PHOSPHATING.....


[Barcelona, Spain]
We are manufacturers and exporters of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and polyethylene. Our products include:- 1)KIOSKS ? M - 800 ? M - 802 ? M - 821 ? M - 830 ? M - 850 ? M - 860 ? M - 860 DETAILS ? CLIENTS' EXCLUSIVE MODELS 2)TANKS ? Mod. 103 RECTANGULAR ? Mod. 112 LODGING WHEEL ? Mod. 114 LODGING WHEEL AND SEAT ? Mod. 121 ATOMIZER WITHOUT CAVITY .....

Ercon Composites

[Jodhpur, India]
Exporters of fiber glass safety ladders. PRODUCTS -GRP Cable Trays -GRP Gratings -GRP Handrails, Ladders and Safety Cages -Glass Epoxy Sections -GRP Structural Sections -GRP Ladders -GRP Tool Handles -FRP Crossarms, Discharge and Operating Rods -Other Products such as RE-Bars.....

Simba FRP (P) Ltd.

[NOIDA, India]
Manufacturers and Exporters of building materials including doors, panels, electrical switchgear products, fibreglass, and resin transfer mouldings. Our product range includes: -SimcRyl -Simba Resins -SMC & DMC -Fibreglass Division -Canoes & Kayaks -Splendoor The services offered are: -Business development -Financial management -Regulatory & Legal counseling -Manpower sourcing.....

Wing Sun Fiberglass Ltd.

[Tusen Wan, Hong Kong]
We are traders and exporters of fiberglass products. Our products include:- -Water Tank -FRP House -Litter bin -Flower pot -Postal Box -Boat -Decoration -Motorcycle box .....

Buildingmaterial Exporters / Importers Directory(Frp)

nobever international LTD.

We can supply you with good quality of FRP raw material 1)DIRECT ROVING. 2)E GLASS /C GLASS WOVEN ROVING. 3)E GLASS/C GLASS CHOPPED STRAND MAT(100G/ M2 ? 900G/M2). 4)E GLASS SURFACE TISSUE......


Turbine Air Ventilator, Roof Ventilators, Turbo Ventilators, Wind Ventilators, Air Ventilators, FRP Roof Sheets, Fibre Sheets, Eco Ventilators.....

Shanghai Share Win Technology Co.,LTD

[shanghai, China]
Our company is an international supplier who dedicated ourselves to the composites materials and products.We are partner of Chinese factories in addition to be authorized exclusive agent of some international top companies. Regarding our products range, we'd like you know we have following carbon products Can be provided. We just want to look for some business opportunity. Glass fib.....

Puda Industral Co., Ltd.

[Taichung, Taiwan]
(1) prefabricated bathrooms- floor pans( FRP surface possess good slip-proof function), wall panels( constructed by steel frames, PU foams, surface materials), ceiling panels( including PVC steel/ PET film panels).(2) system wall panels( utilized as interior wall of bathroom, hallways, kitchen counters, partition walls)- tile panel with bath tubs, marble panel with floor pans. Asian taiwan china .....

GANGA- roofing colour steel sheets -Galvalume--all of type roofing solution

[KANPUR, India]
DEAR SIR / MADAM, We are happy to introduce ourselves; Centurywells Roofing India Pvt. Ltd. (CWI) is one of the pioneers in the manufacture of Pre-coated color roofing in Galvanized and Galvalume (GI/GL) as well as Mandarin Tiles from Galvanized sheet under the brand name GANGA®. It also offers entire range of products for Pre-Engineered Buildings providing total roofing solution to .....


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