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buildingmaterial Member Directory(Water Tanks)

Eska Co.

[Antalya, Turkey]
PLASTIC INTERIOR PAINT DESCRIPTION: Water-Borne, matt paint, based on Acrylic copolymer emulsion, for interior surfaces. PROPERTIES:It is applied on building elements such as concrete, gas concrete, plaster etc.It has excellent adhesion ability, hiding power and moistere permeability. Does not fade or crack. Odourless, friendly to human health and environment. APPLICATION:Surfaces must be.....


[Wani, India]
We are dealers of Tanks such as sintex water tanks, reno water tanks, jeno water tanks, loft tanks, horizontal cylindrical tanks, nestable tanks, drums, smc panel tanks of capacity upto 1200kl, factory made doors, windows, prefabs for office, housing, school, army, shops, security cabin, toll booth, toilets, bathrooms, teliphone booths, education sector, plastic sections for furniture, wall .....


[Parawanoo, India]
Manufacturers of Sunbond Aluminium Composite Panel, SUPER ACC SHEETS, ALUMINIUM CONDUCTORS(AAAC, ACSR, ABC, AAC.), HDPE PLB Telecom Ducts, HDPE Pipes, Rigid PVC Pipes, STORWEL Plastic Water Storage Tanks, SWATI Sprinkler Irrigation Systems, SWATI Drip Irrigation Systems, Aluminium Wire Rods, Aluminium Alloy wire Rods, Polymers. Chemiplast:- Water Storage Tanks, Container., Milk Containers, Agri.....

sreevatsa stainless Products Pvt Ltd

[Chennai, India]
We wish to introduce to you our latest product - EASY Stainless Steel water tanks. Easy Stainless Tanks are strong, durable and hygienic and are manufactured to be uniquely suitable for storage of drinking water. Due to our unique welding and manufacturing process, Easy tanks come at a fraction of a cost of conventionally welded tanks. Easy tanks are designed and built in Chennai , by Sreevat.....


[Rostov-On-Don, Russia]
Empils is the largest Russian manufacturer of high quality paints and varnishes.

  • Oreol alkyd based paints and varnishes :
    Oreol enamel for radiators
    Oreol glossy enamel
    Oreol gray primer
    Oreol indoor varnish
    Oreol matt enamel
    Oreol two-component floor varnish.
    White-spirit, ?4 -155/200 [S4-155/200] nefras
  • Oreol water based paints and varnishes

    Vitech Finishing Systems

    [Chennai, India]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of Paint shop equipments. PRETREATMENT - PHOSPHATING PLANTS : The design and the number of stages of the Phosphating Plant are completely customized to meet the needs and desires of the client as a spray, immersion or combination of both. We offer automated state of art Spray Phosphating plant for continuous operation or batch Dip Tank Process. SPRAY PHOSPHATING.....

    Ningbo Jiekelong Valves Co.,Ltd.

    [Ningbo, China]
    We are Manufacturers of Following Products. Our Products are : * Valves -Gate valve & stop valve -Brass swing check Valve -Brass foot compression -Brass spring check Valve -Brass foot Valve -Brass ferrules valve -Brass Y-strainer Valve -Brass ball Valve -Brass ball Valve with drain -Brass compression ball Valve with drain -Brass ball Valve with union Butterfly handle -Brass ball V.....


    [Rajkot, India]
    Exportes of Building Materials such as:
    Flooring: Granite, Marble, Sand Stone, Slates, Ceramic Floor tiles, Vitrified tiles, Marbonitr tiles, Cement Construction floor tiles, Natural Wooden Floorings, Laminated Wooden floorings, Vinyl Floorings, Rubber Floorings, Quartzite, lime Stone cobbles.
    Wall Finishes: Ceramic Luster Wall tiles, Gypsum Plater, Sand Stone/Quartzite Cladding, Wall Paint.....

    Glass Plastic & Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd.

    [Ghaziabad, India]
    Manufacturer and Exporter of Tanks - Storage Tanks, Reaction Vessels, Acid Oil Splitting Tanks, Spent Acid / Alkyl Holding Tanks, Rinsing Tanks, Acid Trays and Road Tankers. Piping - Pipe Lines, Pumps and Valves. Pollution Control Equipment - For air pollution control plant Ducting, Blowers, Scrubbers, Absorber and Fume Extraction Hoods for effluent treatment plants Gas Holders, Rea.....

    Wilckens Farben GmbH

    [Gl?ckstadt, Germany]
    We Are Manufacturer & Exporters Of Shopprimers:- Zinc Shopprimers, Non-Zinc Shopprimers. Primers:- Alkyd Primers, Chlorinated-Rubber Primer, Zinc Primer, Polyurethane Primer, Anticorrosive:- Chlorinated Rubber A/C, Epoxy Anticorrosive, Vinyl Anticorrosive, Acrylic Asphalt Anticorrosive. Antifouling:- Tin-Free Self Polishing Types, Tin-Free Long Life Type. Undercoat:- Alkyd Undercoat, Chlorinate.....

    King Spark Hardware & Tool Corporation

    [Taiwan, Taiwan]
    Manufacturers and suppliers of:- painting systems and hand tools such as air spray guns, air impact wrench, air sanders, air screwdrivers, painting pressure tanks, pliers, staplers, brad nailers, impact drivers, socket wrench sets and wire strippers exported to worldwide for over 20 years experience. Industrial supply ( supplies) & hardware, hand tools ( handtools)- spray guns- HVLP & conventiona.....


    [Thane, India]
    Water Proofing Contractors, A.C.Sheets & Accessories, All Types Of Cement, Refractories Materials, G.I.Sheets, RCC Hume Pipes. A. C. SHEETS ROOFING SHEETS "EVEREST: Brand A. C. Roofing Sheets and Accessories F. R. P. Transperent Sheets, G. I. Sheets, Aluminium Sheets, Pre Colour Coated Sheets, PVC R. M. P. Sheets for Industrial Roofing and Housing Project and other uses CEMENT "L & T CEMENT.....


    [coimbatore, India]
    Membrane based Water Proofing Bitumenous Felt Waterproofing EPDM Felt Water proofing * Plastic Felt Water proofing * APP Bitumenous Felt proofing * EPDM Felt Water proofing Chemical Based Water Proofing Cementitious Waterproofing Polymer - Cement composite * Crystallization Water proofing * Polymer - Cement composite * Cementitious Waterproofing * Epoxy Wat.....

    Shiva paint & chemicals

    [Amritsar, India]
    1.Shine Touch Water Based Distemper We have an excellent collection of Water Based Distemper. Our exhaustive range includes water based distemper interior / exterior distemper etc. 2.Shine Touch Putty Chalk Our Putty Chalk is the best one available in the market. Our Putty Chalk comes in a specially made powdered form that promises to give the best, smooth finish to any surface. Shine.....

    King Spark Hardware & Tool Corporation

    [Taichung Hsien, Taiwan]
    Industrial supply (supplies) & hardware, hand tools (handtools)- (1) spray guns- HVLP & conventional spray guns, superior wide-angle spray guns.(2) air sanders- dual action sanders, finger sanders, high speed sanders & grinders, angle polishers & grinders, low speed sanders, palm sanders, self vacuuming dual action sanders, wet palm orbital sanders, wet & dry vacuum cleaners.(3) hand tools (handto.....

    Mani Associates

    [coimbatore, India]
    Waterproofing contractor Waterproofing applicator Membrane based Water Proofing •Plastic Felt Water proofing •APP Bitumenous Felt proofing •EPDM Felt Water proofing Chemical Based Water Proofing •Crystallization Water proofing •Polymer - Cement composite •Cementitious Waterproofing •Epoxy Water Proofing •Polyurethane Water proofing •Elastomeric Waterproofing.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    Stockists of 'Everest' Brand Asbestos Cement sheets & Accessories, L&T & ACC- Cement, INFRA water Tanks, M.S. Round Bars, Sanitaryware, All kinds of Pipes & Fittings, Roof Constructions Chemicals, All sorts of Builders Requirements, Refractories Materials, G.I.Sheets, Aluminium Sheets, F.R.P. Sheets, R.M.P.Sheets, Polycarbonate Sheets, R.C.C.Hume Pipes, Siporex Blocks & Slabs, G.I, S.W., C.I., A.C.....


    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturers Of FRP Products like Water Thermos upto 2Kl.Drinking Water / Chemical Tanks upto 25 Kl.Loft Tanks for Baths & Kitchens.Door / Window Frames & Shutters, Flush, Panelled, Gauzed / Glazed, Half Gauzed / Half Glazed while the balance Half Flush or Panelled.Wheel Borrows, Mobile Bath, Toilets & Kitchens, Barrel Type insulated shelters for extremely cold / hilly areas.ASHOO Door / Window F.....


    [New Delhi, India]
    An ISO 9001:2000 Approved Firm : Manufacturers of FRP Products like Water Thermos upto 2Kl.Drinking Water, Chemical Tanks upto 25 Kl.Loft Tanks for Baths & Kitchens.Door, Window Frames & Shutters, Flush, Panelled, Gauzed, Glazed, Half Gauzed, Half Glazed while the balance Half Flush or Panelled.Wheel Borrows, Mobile Bath, Toilets & Kitchens, Barrel Type insulated shelters for extremely cold, hill.....

  • Buildingmaterial Members Directory(Water Tanks)

    Easy Stainless Steel Water tanks

    [Chennai, India]
    Stainless steel water tanks.....

    ARGUS Coating Polymers Pvt.Ltd

    [Chennai, India]
    WATER PROOF COATINGS Constant exposure to natural elements has an adverse effect on building material, the type, rate and degree of degradation depends on the environmental conditions like heat, cold, rain, radiation and chemical environments. However water in all its diverse forms like wind driven rain, condensation, ground seepage through cracks, joints, porosity in substrates, terraces, chhaj.....

    Shree shivsagar Traders

    [Jamnagar, India]
    1. Timber Hardwood, Softwood like salwood, Halduwood, Pinewood, Sazad, Mango, Babool wood, vansvanzi, Bali, Teka, Kapoor wood and many others. 2. Cement Articles Cement Lenther, Beem, Poll, Door & windows. 3. Cement sheet RamcO Brand Acc sheet (ISI) mark. 4. Plywood commercial & water proof plywood. 5. Flush door & Block board - Commercial & waterproof. 6. Iron TMT, Tor Steel,.....

    Hansbo Industrial (Hong Kong) Company Ltd.

    [Shenzhen, China]
    We sepecialize in manufacturers and services of concealed cisterns, water-saving cisterns, fill valves, flush valves and other sanitary accessories. Our Products : - Concealed Cistern Systems - Concealed Cistern Panels - Water Saving Tanks - Inlet Valves - Flush Valves - Tank Levers Other Products : - Copper Water Switch - Washroom Appliance Connector - Trough Drainer(with overf.....


    [Dubai, United Arab Emirates]
    We are importer and stockiest of building materials.Our product range includes Film Face Marine Plywood, Commercial Plywood, Hard Board, Meranti Woods, White Wood, Polyethelene Sheets, Strech Film, Shrink Film, Jute Hessian Cloth, Wire Nails, Galvanized Iron Wire, GRP/Polyethelene Water Tanks, GRP Panel Tanks, GRP Pipes & Fittings, GRP Bathtubs & Shower Trap, Safety Shoes, Cover Alls, Safety Helme.....

    Multi Source Engineering Corporation

    [Mumbai, India]
    Sintex Water Storage Tanks, Sintex Chemical Storage Tanks, Sintex Industrial Containers, Plastic Bins, Plastic Containers, Plastic Pallets......


    [Jagdalpur, India]
    We Manufacture RCC Hume Pipes from 100 mm dia to 2000 mm dia in NP2, NP3 & NP4 Class as per IS:458/2003 with uptodate amendments. Our other products are Cement Bricks, Water Tanks, Septic Tanks, Dust Bins etc......

    Multi Source Engineering Corporation

    [Mumbai, India]
    Sintex Water Tanks, Sintex Chemical storage tanks, Plastic Crates, Pallets, Intermediate Bulk Containers, Storage Solutions......


    [Wani, India]
    Dealers of Sintex water tanks, doors, dust bins, chemical tanks, industrial pallets and educational products......


    [Thane, India]
    Sintex,Cement,Sanitary Ware, Ceramic Tiles, Water Tanks, Chemical Tanks, Glazed Tiles, Industrial Containers......


    [Thane, India]
    Sintex, Cement, Sanitary Ware, Ceramic Tiles, Water Tanks, Chemical Tanks, Glazed Tiles, Industrial Containers.....


    [Valsad, India]
    We the group of Engineers undertake Design, fabrication and erection of following items manufactured from FRP, dual lamination like PP/FRP, PVC/FRP , PVDF / FRP, CPVC/FRP, etc. FRP Pipes, Bends, Tees and tanks are made using filament wound technology is our speciality. 1. Pipes, Bends, Tees, Reducers, 2. Tanks upto 200 M3 capacity. 3. Scrubber ( We are specialist in jet Ventury Scrubbers )......


    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of paint additive like paint thickeners, dispersing agents, emulsifier, defoamers, preservatives and host of other products are :- For Solvent / Oil Based Systems : -Paint Thickener -S (Additive 4113) :- Thickener in Powder Form for Solvent / Oil based system. Effective at Low Dose Levels. This is an ideal replacement of Aluminium Stearate. -Paint Defoamer.....

    Stonera Systems Private Limited

    [Bangalore, India]
    Manufacturers of Gluing & Filling : Solid Transparent: Its viscosity is solid thixotropic with a get time in bulk of about 7-8 minutes. It is used to vertically repair, rebuild & glue stones. Viscosity is solid with a gel time of about 7-8 minutes in bulk. Fluid Transparent: It is used to horizontally repair, rebuild and glue stones. Viscosity is liquid with a gel time of about 7-8 mi.....

    Progressive Thermal Controls Pvt.Ltd

    [Faridabad, India]
    Manufacturers of Domestic Water Meters .More than 700, 000 nos.15mm& 20mm Single Jet Water Meters have been manufactured by us and supplied to BWSSB , Bangalore , Nagaland , Uttranchal , Dehradhun , HMWS&SB , Hyderabad . We have also introduced AQUAMET-M, Multijet water meters up to 40mm and AQUAMET-W, Woltmann type Bulk water meters up to 300mm. We can also supply HOT WATER METERS and WATER MET.....


    [Singapore, Singapore]
    Our products include : 1 ) Hydraulic Steering Systems ( Manual and Power Assisted ) for all private yatchs / boats , commercial vessels and high speed ferries . 2 ) ALL Life- Saving Equipments ( Lifejacket Inflatable and Foam Type , LifeBuoy , LifeRafts , Inflatable Rubber Boats & Dinghy, Fireman Suit, Safety Lamps, Fire Extinguishers, Self-contained breathing apparatus ) 3) Navigationa.....

    Kc-Contech construction admixtures

    [Chennai, India]
    These are superpozzolan that contain a special blend of siliceous aggregates, abrasion resistant materials and inert fillers and when added to cement greatly improves the durability properties of mortar or concrete. Out product range are as follows : HYPER 2000TM : Hyper 2000TM contains a special blend of siliceous aggregates, abrasion resistant materials and inert fillers and when added to cem.....


    [Pune, India]
    Manufactures and markets building material, Home D?cor and Architectural products.

  • Sanitarywares, Apollo and Aquaslim Water Storage Tanks, PVC Flushing, G.I.Pipes & Fittings, Crushall - Food Disposer, Arrow FRP Moulded Doors and Frames, Arrowcera Sanitaryware, Jirras - Toilet Seat Cover, Excel Bathroom Fittings & Accessories, Kingston and Rover Fibre Glass , Kingston C.P.Fitting, Pr.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    Sintex Tanks, Sintex Chemical Storage Tanks, Plastic Pallets, Plastic Crates, Plastic Bins......

    Prince Pipes & Fittings Pvt. Ltd.

    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturer and exporter of uPVC Pipes & Fittings. Its product range consists of uPVC Agri Pipes & Fittings. Plumbing Pipes & Fittings, Bore Well Systems, Valves and Roof Water Systems. PRINCE uPVC PIPES - Pressure & Non Pressure Pipes, Seal Fit Pipes, Prestige Pipes PRINCE uPVC FITTINGS - Coupler, Elbow, Tee, End Cap Plain / Threaded, Male Thread Adaptor, Female Thread Adaptor, Tail P.....

    Advance Ispat (India) Ltd.

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturers & Exporters Of steel pipes, steel pipe, pvc pipe, pvc pipe. Our Product Rang Include: Steel Pipes: -Galvanised Steel Pipes & Black Steel Pipes for Water, Gas, Air & Steam Specifications. -Slotted Pipes, Casing Pipes and Screens. -Steel Tubes, Idlers and Conveyors Tubes Specifications. -Large Diameter Pipes for Water, Gas and Sewage. -Scaffolding Tubes & Accessories. Highw.....

    Tej Innovative Products

    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of epoxy floor coatings, concrete epoxy coating, concrete floor sealers, wood floor sealers :- Building & Construction Aids :- ? Epoxy paints/ Epoxy Coatings/Adhesives/Lacquers ? Polyurethane Paints/Coatings/Lacquers ? Exterior water proof Algae & Fungus resistance paints /Coatings ? Decorative Textured Coatings for Exterior & Interior building requirements ? Ther.....

    Vapor-Tek Limited

    [Lancashire, United Kingdom]
    Steelgard GP (General Purpose): premium product manufactured to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Defence Standard DEF.STAN. 68-10 (PX-24) and NATO CODE C-634. It is approved by leading British and foreign aerospace, engineering and government organisations (details on request).Steelgard GP is an excellent corrosion preventive with very efficient penetrating and water displacing propertie.....

    Service Plumbers, Inc.

    [Cartersville, United States]
    We provide Services of full-service plumbing company dedicated to providing a high level of service with professional results. Products :- Every year people spend MILLIONS OF DOLLARS on products that can't solve their plumbing problems! But what if there were a product that not only REMOVED the cause of the problems, but did it in a SAFE, EFFECTIVE and ECONOMICAL MANNER? Product Name :- .....

    Qingdao Shenzhou Waterproof Equipment Co,.LTD

    [Qingdao, China]
    HDPE Geo Membrane These HDPE Geo Membrane is extruded PE membrane formed by adding anti- oxidant, absorbent of ultraviolet and dyestuff into HDPE and will provide an effective barrier to of liquid water and water vapour. HDPE performs well in mechanical properties, ageing-resistance, chemical-resistance, climate- resistance and resistance to puncture . ★Products Specification Name T.....

    cem water meter & tap co.

    [istanbul, Turkey]

    Indian Ocean Garnet Sands Company Private Limited

    [Tuticorin, India]
    Manufacturer and Exporter of Blasting Grades - Blasting grade Garnet from IOGS can be used for Blast Cleaning of ships, oil rigs, oil pipes, oil storage vessels, Water tanks, boilers, railcars & wagons, pipes etc. With highest efficiency and low dust levels. IOGS Water Jet Cutting Grades - IOGS Garnet with precise size and low dust is found to be effective in cutting stainless steel, titaniu.....

    Bell Pipe & Supply Co.

    [Anaheim, United States]
    Our Products are as follows -Products Actuators Air Control Devices Air Vents Anchors Backflow Prevention Blow Guns Bolts Chain Accessories Channel Chemicals Controls Couplings Cylinders Drain Cleaning Equip. Drains Ducting Equipment Expansion Joints Faucets Filters Fittings Flanges Flow Indicators Flow Switches Flush Valves Fountains Gask.....


    [Kanpur, India]
    We deals in :
    Saddlery & Leather Articles : Our products represent all the top names in saddlery, bridle works, leather articles and other equestrian equipment - all at very competitive prices.
    Hardware & Paints : We are pioneer in dealing hardware fittings [BRASS ALUMINIUM & IRON], paints of interior and exterior finishing of renewned manufectures [ICI paints [I] ltd.], Jenson.....

    jizhou zhongyi frp co.,ltd.

    [hengshui, China]
    Dear Sir or Madam:     We get your email address from internet. We would like to introduce our company and products, hope that we may build business cooperation in the future.     We JIZHOU ZHONGYI FRP CO., LTD., are factory specializing in the manufacture and export of FRP/GRP products for more than twenty six years, such as FRP/GRP pipes, fittings, vessels, flanges and so on. Our price.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    Authorised Dealer of Crompton Water pumps, Asian Paints, Sintex water tanks, Builders Hardwares, Tools, Sanitary fittings, Pipe fittings, Manufacturers of slotted angles, french polish......

    Dark Glow Powder

    [Hyderabad, India]
    Importers and Suppliers of Photoluminescent Pigment and Photoluminescent Paint are :- -Photoluminescent Pigment :- The rare earth-activated alkali earth aluminate-silicate photoluminescent pigment produced by Shandong Lunbo Lumious Products Co., Ltd., is a novel, long-efficiency and environmentally friendly material. -Application Scope :- It can be used in many transparent or translucent m.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    Exporters of

  • BATHROOM PRODUCTS: Water taps & Mixtures, Chrome Brass Plated Sanitary Fittings, Brass Sanitary Fittings, Brass Tank Connector, Galvanised Saddles & Clamps, Ceramic Sanitary Ware, Vpvc Sanitary fittings, Plastic Bathroom products, Plastic Mirror.
  • ELECTRICAL ACCESSORIES: Brass Cable Glands Systems, Copper Bronze Conductor Fixing & split Bolt, Copper Lugs & Connector, Eat.....

    Glossy Color & Paints Pvt. Limited

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturers of paints & colors. Our products are: Interior Wall Paints, Exterior Wall Paints, Protective Coatings, Metal Paints, Furniture Paints, Wood Finishes, Heat Resistant Paints, Protective Epoxy Coatings/Epoxy Paints, Automotive Paints, Dry Colors, Miscellaneous Products. Interior Wall Finishes - PREMIUM VELVET ACRYLIC EMULSION, ACRYLIC WASHABLE DISTEMPER, FLAT OIL PAINT, DRY DISTEMPER,.....

    Fujian Overseas Chinese Industra (Group)

    [Fuzhou, China]
    Traders and Exporters/ Importers of Stone Material : Special-Shaped Stones, anterns ?Pipes : Water Supply Series PE pipes and Fittings for Water Supply PP-R Pipes and Fittings for Hot and Cold Water Supply CPVC pipes for cold and Hot Water supply PVC Storm Sewers for Building UPVC Foam Core Pipes for Drainage Iron Crafts : lance tine and bottom, Artistic Design, Gates, Fence PU Build.....

    Shyang Yih Hardware Factory

    [Changhua Hsien, Taiwan]
    Manufacturers of faucet, reverse osmosis faucets, drinking water faucet, cock valve ball valve, brass ball valve, butterfly ball valve, butterfly valve, gas valve, bronze safety valve, bronze water gauge valves, needle valve, forged brass needle valve, forged brass needle valve, stainless steel needle valve, safety valve, bronze safety valves, quick connectors, fittings reverse osmosis installatio.....

    Independent Material Company

    [Tulsa, United States]
    Manufacturers & Traders of:- Masonry Accessories- Anchor Slot Anchor Block Reinforcing Brick Barrows Brick Carts Brick Cleaners Brick Tongs Brick Trowels Brushes Cavity Wall Rigid Insulation Control Joint Corrugated Brick Ties Diamond and Carborundum Abrasive Blades Expansion Joint Filler Flashing, Copper Flashing, Vinyl Floor Scrapers Glass Blocks-New! Levels-.....

    Zhejiang Hangbao Group Co. Ltd.

    [Zhejiang, China]
    Import/Exporters Of Supply variety of custom HDPE water supply pipe fittings. Our Main Products Include: BOPP Films Plain & Heatsealable Film - Packaging and printing and making tapes. BOPP Packaging and Stationary Tapes PP-R pipes for the supply of hot & cold water HDPE pipes for the supply & drain water PE pipes for the supply of gaseous fuels PE pipes for the supply of communications .....

    Vernicl Caldart, Srl

    [Bellusco, Italy]
    We Are Manufacturer & Exporters Of plastic frames, metal frames, wood surfaces:- nythro and polyurethanic funds. Shining paint (nytro, polyurethanic, sinthetyc and monocomponent-both water and solvent base). Matt paint (polyurethanic, sinthetyc, tixotropic and nythro demi-matt-both water and solvent base). Water base or solvent base impregnant products. Concentrates dyes water or solvent base......

    MTC Foreign Trade Company

    [Cesmealti, Turkey]
    Manufacturer & Exporter of - PVC PIPES-HDPE-LDPE PIPES:- PVC Pressure Pipes and Fittings, PVC Sewage Pipes and Fittings, PVC Deep Well (Drill) Pipes, PVC Rigid Roof Gutter and Fittings, - SANITARY INSTALLATION PIPES:- PPRC Sanitary Installation Pipes, Crosslink PE Pipes, - POLYETHYLENE PIPES:- HDPE and LDPE Polyethylene Pipes, PE 80 Natural Gas Pipes, PE 100 City Water Network Pipes, PP Sewage.....

    Samrock Murexin Chemicals (I) Ltd.

    [Ahmedabad, India]
    PLASTICIZERS (Admixtures) : -SAMPLAST 100 (Supar Plasticizer) -SAMPLAST WR 100 (Super Plasticizer Cum Accelerator) -SAMPLAST R 200 (Retarding Plasticizers) -SAMPLAST P5 (Natural Admixture) -SAMPLAST 300 (Super Plasticizing Admixture) -SAMPLAST S 350 (Super Plasticizing Admixture) -SAMPLAST AC (Accelerating and Guniting Products) -SAMPLUG (Plugging Agent) -SAMPLAST AE (Air Entraini.....

    The Plumbers Inc.

    [Kennesaw, United States]
    We Provide Services of family owned Georgia corporation proudly serving the North Metro Atlanta area. Introduction :- The Plumbers Incorporated services all types of clientele, from residential home owners to multi-story residential units. From small restaurants to large industrial manufacturing facilities. There is no job to big or to small for the Plumbers Incorporated. When you call Th.....

    Homedense Corporation

    [Taichung, Taiwan]
    Manufactures commercial faucets, aluminum door locks, and power adaptors. Our product range includes: -Toilet Ceramic -Bathroom, Basin, Kitchen Faucet -Automatic Faucet -Laboratory Water Faucet -DC to AC Power Inverter Faucet 1 - -Thermostaticmixer -Automatic faucet -Commercial faucet Faucet 2 - -Bathroom Basin -Kitchen Faucet Kitchen & bathroom - -S.S. Hose and.....


    [guangdong, China]
    Our company specializes in manufacturing and exporting hardware products. These include cash box safety filing boxes, water heaters, gas stoves, office equipment, water kettle, induction cooker and photo frames.
    Our products range are : Cash Box, Cash Drawer, File Case, Letter Box, Key Cabinet, Photo Frame, Pocket Warmer, Gas Water Heater, Cooker Hoods, Gas Stoves, Induction Cooker, Water Kettl.....

    Painter's Nation, LLC

    [Katy, United States]
    We provides Manufacturer paint and related products to retailers, contractors and end customers. Our Products :- Industrial Paint Residential Paint Fleet Line Paint Spray Paint Water Based Paint Paint Supplies Painting Tools Sealers Thinners Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) :- Copper Pro SCX 67 Copper Pro SCX 45 973 Dewaxer 974 Thinner Coastline Industrial Coatin.....

    Homedense Corporation

    [Taiwan, Taiwan]
    Manufacturers of- Toilet Ceramic Bathroom, Basin, Kitchen Faucet Automatic Faucet Laboratory Water Faucet DC to AC Power Inverter Thermostaticmixer Automatic faucet Commercial faucet Bathroom Basin Kitchen Faucet Kitchen & bathroom S.S. Hose and accessories Toilet Ceramic Dc to Ac power inverter Ac to Dc Laboratory Water- -Faucet Laboratory Water- -Valv.....


    [GHAZIABAD, India]
    Features: * Low cost high glass transition temperature * High heat distortion temperature * Chemical inertness * Outstanding mechanical, dielectric, flame and smoke properties * Corrosion resistance * Mechanical strength * Excellent life-cycle economics Specifications: * Trouble-free Proven Performance In Plumbing Applications In The Harshest Of Conditions Since 1959 Globally for .....

    JINHAOBO tube trade co., ltd.

    [FoShan, ]
    Manufacturers which specializes in the product of PE-AL-PE (Ply-pipe) and a series of copper fittings. The main product are cold water pipe, PEX hot water pipe, fuel gas pipe and copper fittings. The product is applied for the cold and hot water system, gas pipe system, drinking water project, solar heating system, heating system under floor......

    Changzhou Skylight New Energy Co.,Ltd

    [Changzhou, China]
    Solar water heater, solar collector, solar water system, solar water heating, solar geyser, solar collector system, solar heating system, solar water geyser, heat pipe solar collector, flat panel collector, solar flat collector......

    shams trading co

    [Aurangabad, India]
    Channel patners of : Bitumen Expansion Joints , Rubber Bellows, Tar paper, Pvc water stoppers, Garware wall ropes ltd ISI mark Tested rope, Polytar, AgroShade nets, Antibird net , Floriculture nets, Sericulture nets , Banna ropes, Sports net , and special net as per requirement, Construction safety nets, Tarpaulins The supreme industries limited IS mark Silpaulin tarpaulins, Man.....

    Shree Radheyshyam Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

    [Jabalpur, India]
    Silicon Based Rich Emulsion Paint with 5 years life. Silicon Based ZAAP Emulsion Paint with 8 years life. Indo German Wall Care Acrylic Putty. POWER Cement Based Wall Care Water Proof Putty. Duroxane Based water based water proof Liquid for walls. Chemical Based water proofing compounds......


    [NEW DELHI, India]
    We offer CPVC Piping System, which is manufactured with the help of post chlorination process of PVC and advanced material technology of Noveon. This further constitutes engineering thermoplastic that helps in providing longer service life, lower maintenance, and improved process utilization. Our pipes are basically applicable in piping industry. Features: * Low cost high glass transiti.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    Plumber: Athena, Atlantis - Bathroom fittings, G.I., C.I., S.W., A.C., PVC, SWR pipe, Pipe Fittings, Brass Cocks, Water Meters, Water Heater, Cement, Niroo, Sanitary wares & Bath Tubs & all building materials. Dealer for Snowcem India Ltd. [Water Proof Cement Colours]; Tata pipes; Zenith steel pipes; Infra plastics industries ltd. [water & chemical tank]; Asian paints; Johnson tiles; Nirali[stainl.....


    [Anand, India]
    Manufacturers of Prestressed Cement Articles - Fencing Poles, Barbed Wire, Perlines, Refters Poles for Shade, Slabs, Manhole Covers, Foulding Compound Walls, Hollow / Solid Blocks, Paving Blocks, Concrete Door Frames, Concrete Window Frames, Ventilations, Kitchen Platform, Road Curbin, Poultry Platform, Drainage Canals, Cable Trunch Covers, Concrete Water Tanks, FRP Windows / Doors / Sheets, Jalia.....


    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturers and supplier of concrete products. Our products are: railway sleepers and electric poles, pre-stressed bridge girders, autoclaved aerated cellular concrete, reinforced concrete products, door and window shutters. Rainforced concrete products - fencing posts, water tanks, pavement slabs, kerb stones, Interlocking Solid blocks......


    [Udaipur, India]

  • Rcc Hume Pipes
  • Asbestos Pipes
  • A/c Flower Pots
  • Cement Jali
  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Customized Cement Products......

    Kirby Builders Merchants

    [West Yorkshire, United Kingdom]
    Suppliers of Builders, contractors, landscapers, DIY enthusiasts and local authorities. BUILDING- Acrylic Sealants Admix Airbricks Angle Beads Bituminous Products Blocks Boots Brick & Patio Cleaner Bricks Brushes Buckets Cement Chimney Pots Chisels Concrete Mixers Cove Cove Adhesive Cutting Discs Damp Proof Course Damp Proof Membrane Ear Defenders Expa.....

    natraj cement pre. works

    [Vithal Udyognagar, India]
    We are manufacturers of Fencing Poles, Barbed Wire, Perlines, Refters Poles for Shade, Slabs Manhole Covers, Foulding Compound Walls, Hollow / Solid Blocks, Paving Blocks, Concrete Door Frames, Concrete Window Frames, Ventilations, Kitchen Platform, Road Curbin, Poultry Platform, Drainage Canals, Cable Trunch Covers, Concrete Water Tanks, FRP Windows / Doors / Sheets, Jalia (Tadia) etc......


    [Pune, India]
    We are Dealers and Suppliers of Building Materials, Sanitary Wares, Cement, Tiles, GI pipes, CI Pipes, Kitchen Sinks, Water Tanks......


    [Pune, India]
    We are Dealers and Suppliers of Building Materials, Sanitary Wares, Cement, Tiles, GI pipes, CI Pipes, Kitchen Sinks, Water Tanks......

    chemiplast group of industries

    [Parwanoo, India]
    Sunbond Aluminium Composite Panel, Super ACC Sheets, Aluminium Conductors, HDPE PLB Telecom Ducts, HDPE Pipes, Rigid PVC Pipes , STORWEL Plastic Water Storage Tanks, SWATI Sprinkler Irrigation Systems, SWATI Drip Irrigation Systems , Aluminium Wire Rods, Polymers. .....

    chemiplast group of industries

    [173220, India]
    Chemiplast Group of Industries Our Products - Sunbond Aluminium Composite Panel, Super ACC Sheets, Aluminium Conductors, HDPE PLB Telecom Ducts, HDPE Pipes, Rigid PVC Pipes, STORWEL Plastic Water Storage Tanks, SWATI Sprinkler Irrigation Systems, SWATI Drip Irrigation Systems, Aluminium Wire Rods, Aluminium Alloy wire Rods, Polymers.....


    [pune, India]
    We are Dealers and Suppliers of Building Materials, Sanitary Wares, Cement, Tiles, GI pipes & Fittings, CI Pipes & Fittings, Kitchen Sinks, PVC PIPES, Water Tanks. .....


    [Satara, India]
    All kinds of Plumbing Material, GI, pvc, swr, apvc, cpvc pipes & Material, sanitory ware, bath fittings, and water tanks .....


    [LATUR, India]


    [Satara, India]
    All kinds df Plumbing Material, cp fitting, sanitory wares, water tanks.....

    sanghvi bafna corporation

    [pune, India]
    Nut bolts, hardware, sanitary fittings, pvc pipes, ci pipes, gi pipes, water tanks, wire nails, wire meshes, welded mesh, fastners, furniture fittings, screws, welding rods, welding materials, pipe fittings, .....


    [Latur, India]
    Traders of Agriculture & Sanitory PVC Pipes & Fittings, G.I. Pipes & Fittings, C.P. Fittings, LLDPE Water Tanks, C.I. Fittings & Building Material......

    M/s Parvati Traders

    [Berhampur, India]
    Tata Pipes, GI Pipes, GI Fittings, PVC Pipes, PVC Fittings, Bathroom Fittings, Glass Basin, CP Fittings, Jacuzzi, Shower Panels, Sanitaryware, Adhesives and Grouts, Water Tanks, Manhole covers, Tiles, Mirrors etc........

    Mega Steel and Sanitaries

    [Ernakulam, India]
    Stainless steel handrails, Parryware, Cera, Hindware products, PVC pipes, Water tanks(Aquatech)..Building materials..Cement..TMT bars..Etc.......

    trimurti ceramics

    [Satara, India]
    GI Pipes & fittings, C-PVC Pipes & fittings, A-PVC Pipes & fittings, SWR Pipes & fittings, Sanitorywares, Water Tanks, CP Fittings, And All types of Domasic & International Tour arrangement, .....

    CEPS Bath Products

    [Istanbul, Turkey]
    Acrylic – abs – polyester bathtubs, shower tubs, Jacuzzis, bath cabins, compact systems, Hydro massage systems, Bath Furniture, spa products ( for 5 star hotel ), polymer bath- Shower tubs and polyethylene water tanks. .....


    [Pune, India]

  • Authorised Distributor : Kisan Classic, S.W.R. PVC Pipes, Jaldhara Brand Water Tanks, Asian Brand [Gujrat] Galvanised and ISI Pipes, Fittings and Sanitary Wares, Fitting, Metal Men G.I. Pipes and R. C. Company's Cast Iron Drainage Fittings, CI Manhole Cover, KFAI and PIC Cast Iron Items, Brass-Aldroph, CP Aldroph, Lathe Tools, Wooden Screw, Hardware Material and Furniture Fitting.
  • Whol.....


    [Ahmednagar, India]
    Traders of Ceramic Tiles, GI Fittings, Sanitaryware Fittings, Water Tanks, Kitchen Sinks, Cement, Cocks, SWR Pipes and Fittings, UPVC Fittings......


    [Bhopal, India]
    Wall Tiles, Ceramic Floor Tiles, C.P. bathroom Fittings, GI Fittings and Water Tanks......


    [Aurangabad, India]
    G.I. Pipes & Fittings, M.S. Pipes, C.P. Fittings, Water Tanks and all types of Sanitary Wares......


    [Panvel, India]
    Everst industries ltd [asbestos cement sheets]
    grasim industries ltd. [cement divison]
    grasim industirs ltd. [white cement divison]
    sun earth ceramics ltd. [sonora floor & wall tiles]
    roofit industries ltd. [roofit mix ready products]
    pidilite industries lts [dr,fixit waterproof componets]

    water tanks, sainetary weares, pvc/ms/gi pipe,
    all types of stones, pvc & b.....


    [Sargodha, Pakistan]
    Manufacturers of HDPE Pipes, PVC Pipes and LDPE Water Storage Tanks......

    Shri Manglam Corporation

    [New Delhi, India]

    Essentials International

    [Cochin, India]
    Exporters and Importers of Building and Construction Materials - Commercial Plywood, Film Faced Shuttering Plywood, Marine Plywood, GI Pipes, GI Plain Sheets & Corrugated Sheets, Deformed Bars & TNT Bars, Aluminium Profiles, Shutters, Widows & Doors, Rigid PVC Pipes, Copper Slag, MS Angles. Packing and Handling Materials - Jute Bags & Sheets, Jumbo Bags ( Circular, Flat Layer, Ventilated), .....

    Essentials International

    [Cochin, India]
    Exporters and importers of a wide variety of merchant goods like Building and Construction materials, GI Pipes, PVC Pipes, Packing materials, machineries tools, Electrical and electronic goods, Furnishing Materials. Building and Construction Materials :- Commercial Plywood, Film Faced Shuttering Plywood, Marine Plywood, GI Pipes, GI Plain Sheets & Corrugated Sheets, Deformed Bars & TNT Bars, Al.....


    [Ahmedabad, India]
    Manufacture of Mortars For Acid Proof Brick / Tile / Man Dana Stone, Epoxy Floors, Water Base Epoxy, Glass Flake Filled Lining, Grouts, Waater Proofing, Construction Chemicals & Concrete Repairs Materials. Chemiprotect Engineers Provides you all the services for Proofing. Services:- Acid Proof Brick / Tile Lining, Epoxy Flooring / Coating & Screeding, Water Base Epoxy Systems, Flake Filled Lin.....

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