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buildingmaterial Member Directory(Admixtures)

ARGUS Coating Polymers Pvt.Ltd

[Chennai, India]
WATER PROOF COATINGS Constant exposure to natural elements has an adverse effect on building material, the type, rate and degree of degradation depends on the environmental conditions like heat, cold, rain, radiation and chemical environments. However water in all its diverse forms like wind driven rain, condensation, ground seepage through cracks, joints, porosity in substrates, terraces, chhaj.....

N R D Industries

[Piscataway, NJ, United States]
We appreciate that you took time from your busy day to take attention to this message, please view this mail in .Please allow us to introduce ourselves, we are NRD Industries. We are currently offering products such as Kalmatron® for concrete structural protection Below is a brief description of products, and also enclosed is more literature for the same. KALMATRON®: Kalmatr.....

acc waterproofing inc

[coimbatore, India]
Product Portfolio: Ever since its inception, Lakshmi Construction Chemicals has been catering to many respected clients in Coimbatore and across Tamilnadu. Our matchless range of products and services includes epoxy flooring adhesive, construction joint sealants, bitumen waterproofing, crystalline waterproofing, APP waterproofing membrane, construction components, tile components, vermiculite mi.....

Shandong Gresea Building Material Co Ltd

[yucheng, China]
We are an manufacturers of concrete admixtures, total include about 70 species, especially good at: *Naphthalene superplasticizer admixture, *Retardation protection plastic Superplasticizer Admixtures, *Complex antifreeze, *Amino-superplasticizer, *Polycarboxylate superplasticizer, *Hardening accelerating and waterreducing admixture, *Air entraining agent. .....

Kc-Contech construction admixtures

[Chennai, India]
These are superpozzolan that contain a special blend of siliceous aggregates, abrasion resistant materials and inert fillers and when added to cement greatly improves the durability properties of mortar or concrete. Out product range are as follows : HYPER 2000TM : Hyper 2000TM contains a special blend of siliceous aggregates, abrasion resistant materials and inert fillers and when added to cem.....


[Mumbai, India]

  • Dealing all types of polymers: acrylic, epoxy, polyurethanes.
  • Manufacturer of construction additives: admixtures, sealants, water proofing, internal and external coatings, anti corrosion paints, fire retarding materials, concrete repair products, under water setting products, castings, decorative floorings-internal and external application. Sorel cement[oxy chloride cement],o.E.M paints.....

    Tej Innovative Products

    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of epoxy floor coatings, concrete epoxy coating, concrete floor sealers, wood floor sealers :- Building & Construction Aids :- ? Epoxy paints/ Epoxy Coatings/Adhesives/Lacquers ? Polyurethane Paints/Coatings/Lacquers ? Exterior water proof Algae & Fungus resistance paints /Coatings ? Decorative Textured Coatings for Exterior & Interior building requirements ? Ther.....


    [Mysore, India]
    Dealers of Construction Chemicals, Roofing Tiles, Cieling Tiles, Hollow Blocks, Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Pottery. Construction Tiles - Concrete Admixtures - Plasticisers, Superplasticisers, Retarders, Retarding Superplasticisers, Mortar Plasticisers, Integral waterproofers, Polymer cement modifier, Set accelerating and guniting aid. Waterproofing System - Elastomeric acrylic membrane coating, Modi.....

    Betek Paint and Chemicals Inc.

    [Istanbul, Turkey]
    One of the leading manufacturer of construction paints in Turkey. Our product range : - Water based interior and exterior paints and primers - Alkyd based paints ( synthetic paints ) - Varnishes - Cellulose based products - Interior and Exterior covering systems - Glue - Polyurethane foam and silicone mastics - Wood care products - Water proofing materials - Tile adhesives join.....

    Manewtech Belle

    [KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia]
    Manufactures & Suppliers Of Ceramic Tiles, Natural Stone Adhesives, Colored Grouts, Latex Admixtures, and more. Our Products Range Include: 1.Ceramic Tile & Natural Stone Adhesive 2.Ceramic Tile & Natural Stone Coloured Grouts 3.Latex Admixture for Cement-Based Adhesive, Grouts, Cement & Cement-Sand Mortars 4.Water & Damp Proofing Systems 5.Sealers & Impregnating Sealers for Natural Ston.....

    Samrock Murexin Chemicals (I) Ltd.

    [Ahmedabad, India]
    PLASTICIZERS (Admixtures) : -SAMPLAST 100 (Supar Plasticizer) -SAMPLAST WR 100 (Super Plasticizer Cum Accelerator) -SAMPLAST R 200 (Retarding Plasticizers) -SAMPLAST P5 (Natural Admixture) -SAMPLAST 300 (Super Plasticizing Admixture) -SAMPLAST S 350 (Super Plasticizing Admixture) -SAMPLAST AC (Accelerating and Guniting Products) -SAMPLUG (Plugging Agent) -SAMPLAST AE (Air Entraini.....

    Kamta Corporation

    [Panaji, India]
    Exporters of building chemicals and waterproofing, cement, bison boards, white cement, building materials. OUR PRODUCTS MC Product Range -Concrete & Mortar Admixtures -Mould Release Agents, Surface Retarders & Machinery Protector -Waterproofing Membranes, Sluries, Water Repellants, Injection Grouts & Concrete Protection Products -Surface hardneres, Underlayments, Curing Compounds, Non-Sh.....


    [Tanghsan, China]
    Traders and exporters of Construction materials such as various refractory bricks, thermal insulating materials, calcium sulpho-aluminate cement, concrete expanding additives and admixtures, hardware and tools. Our products include:- -Refractory bricks : Clay bricks High alumina bricks Silicon carbide bricks Silicon nitride bricks Silicon bricks Magnesia chrome bricks Crucibles .....

    CICO Technologies Limited

    [Navi Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturers of :- Waterproofers & Water Sealers Concrete Admixtures (Plasticizers/WRA) Construstion Aids Impregnations Grouts & Grouting Compounds Floor Hardeners, Coatings Shortceate Products Repairs Compounds Capsules for Anchoring, Bolting Tile & Structural Adhesive Sealants Waterproof Coating & Membrane Insulation Anticorrosive, Products Coatings......

    Acro Paints Ltd.

    [NEW DELHI, India]
    Manufacturers Of Enamels, Paints, Glass Items. Product : Decorative & Architectural Paints, Silicone Acrylic Emulsions For Exteriors & Interiors, Textures For Wall Paints, Sand Textured Matt Wall Finishes, Premium Cement Paints, Constrution & Water Proofing Chemicals, Concrete Additives, Admixtures......

    Investment Construction & Consultancy International Co. Ltd.

    [Saigon, Vietnam]
    Concrete Admixtures.....

    Tej Innovative Products

    [MUMBAI, India]
    Manufacturing Construction Chemicals, Concrete admixtures, Waterproofing polymeric compounds, Flexible waterproofing compounds, Elastomeric coatings, Epoxy Grouts, Dry mix Polymer modified mortars, Thermal barrier coatings, VMA for RMC industry, Water repellants, Anticorossive paints & coatings, Rust converters, High strength mortars .....

    MUHU(China)Construction Materials Co.,Ltd

    [Beijing, China]
    Superplasticizer, chemicals for concrete, dry mortor admixtures, high-strength non-shrink grouting, Building adhesive/sealant, coating, special cement.....

    Ore World Trade Co., Ltd.

    [Tangshan, China]
    Exporters and Traders of construction materials such as various refractory bricks, thermal insulating materials, calcium sulpho-aluminate cement, concrete expanding additives and admixtures, hardware and tools - Refractory bricks : Clay bricks High alumina bricks Silicon carbide bricks Silicon nitride bricks Silicon bricks Magnesia chrome bricks Crucibles - Kiln furniture.....

  • Buildingmaterial Members Directory(Admixtures)

    Genuine Traders, Thane

    [Thane, India]
    Admixtures, Engineering Grouts, Waterproofing systems, industrial floor surfaces, concrete repairs, sealants, readymix, protective coatings, highway repairs.....

    Greenshield (I) Construction Chemicals Pvt Ltd

    [Navi Mumbai, India]
    Crystallization, Flexible Cementitious (2 Component), Elastomeric PolyAcrylic Membrane (Single Component), Elastomeric PolyAcrylic Thermal Insulators, Crystallization Based Water / Vapour Blocker, High-Strength, Non-Shrinking Crystalline Based Injection Grouts, Rapid Setting Cements, High-Strength Concrete Repair Mortar, Crystalline Admixtures, Self-Levelling Epoxy Flooring.....


    [DOHA, Qatar]

    Escon Chemical Company

    [Cochin, Kerala, India]
    Super Plasticizers Concrete Chemicals Waterproofing Chemicals Tile Polish Oxide Pigments Lab chemicals supply Lab Equipment Paving Tiles Designer Tiles PVC Molds Rubber Molds Admixtures Red Oxides Yellow Oxides Black Oxides .....

    Floors & Coatings

    [Ahmedabad, India]
    Deals in Manufacture of Acid/alkali/solvent resistant brick/tile linings cement mortars Heavy duty industrial tile floorings Epoxy/PU/EPU self-level monolithic jointless floorings. Epoxy/pu/epu floor coatings Epoxy/pu/ pud/ 2kwater based Pu wall coatings Epoxy floor covings, pencil covings, joint filling of kota /mandana stone joints with epoxy etc. Etc. Water proofings/concrete a.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    JAYANT COLOR & CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES was established in the year 1960 by LATE SHRI A.K.PAREKH, with a futuristic vision to manufacture quality paints and coatings with strong niche market in India. It was one of First Indian Companies to manufacture Cement Paint. Since it's inception, company's marketing strategy has been to canvas its products through Architechts, Consultants, Engineers and Ins.....


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