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Slate Copper


A Quality Product from
SHEKHAR STONE [View Profile]
KOTA - India

Description :
Slates are dense and fine grained rock. The color of slates are generally gray, red, brown and green ranging from dark to light. It is produced by the compression of clays, shale, and various other rocks developing a characteristic cleavage consisting sericite and quartz with biotite, chlorite, and hematite as principal accessories. In other words slates are generally formed by low-grade regional metamorphism of pelithic sediments or fine-grained tuffs. It can be associated with other metamorphic sedimentary or volcanic rocks. Slates are or argillaceous origin of metamorphic rocks and can also be defined as a layered stone. Fossils may be sometimes preserved in slate but are invariably distorted. Folds are often apparent in the field. Too fine-grained are tough to distinguished with the naked eye.

Uses of Slate

- Paving
- Stepping stone in garden
- Combined with other materials gives quality and attractiveness
- Square blocks for a break band in section of granite paving
- Decorative clocks and thermameters
- Picture frame, mirrors, coasters, trivets, switch plates, candle holders.
- Engraved and painted in jewellery like earrings and pins.

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We are Manufacturers, Traders & Exporter of Indian Natural Stones. 1- KOTAH STONES, 2- KOTA STONE TILES, 3- KOTA STONE GREEN, 4- KOTA STONE BLUE, 5- KOTA STONE BROWN, 6- WATER PROOF KOTA STONE, 7- POLISHED KOTA STONE, 8- ROUGH KOTA STONE, 9- MIRROR POLISHED KOTA STONE, 10- DIAMOND CUT KOTA STONE (SPILT MACHINE), 11- TABLE POLISHED KOTA STONE, 12- KOTA STONE SUPPLIER, 13- KOTA STONE SUPPLIERS, 14- KOTA STONE MANUFACTURERS, 15- KOTA STONE EXPORTERS, 16- KOTA STONE EXPORTER, 17- MANUFACTURERS OF KOTA STONES, 18- KOTA STONE TRADERS, 19- KOTA STONE MERCHANTS, 20- KOTA STONE MERCHANT TRADERS, 21- LIME STONES, 22- LIME STONE, 23- NATURAL SURFACE KOTA STONES 24- KOTA STONE SUPPLIERS FROM RAMGANJMANDI 25- KOTA STONE SLABS, 26- KOTA STONE, 27- KOTA STONES, 28- KOTAH STONE, 29- Kota stone producers 30- wholesale suppliers of kota stone 31- kota stone wholesale suppliers, 32- kota stone dealers Our Products are ........ - Kota Stone (Lime Stones) - Color-K- GREEN (Kota Green) & K- BROWN (Kota Brown) - Kota Stone Honey (Natural) - Kota Stone Brown (Polished) - Kota Stone Brown (Natural) - Kota Stone Blue (Polished) - Kota Stone Blue (Natural) - Red mandana acid proof (sand stone) - kota stone (rough) - multi color kotah stone

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