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Kross Men's urinal For Four persons

New delhi

A Quality Product from
SuperLoo [View Profile]
New Delhi - India

Description :
Everyone has experienced bladder urgencies at one time or another. Usually it happens on the road or when confronted with the stench of filthy public cubicles. No one will ever tell you it’s easy.

Holding up your need to go isn’t just hard and painful, it’s also detrimental to your health. Doing so interferes with the body’s natural liquid waste elimination process and damages the kidneys. Why tolerate the inconvenience and risk serious health problems when there is Superloo?

Superloo introduces sanitary fittings for men. The company believes in delivering highest quality service at a competitive cost. It is the company’s privilege to address the needs of the individual client on a one-on-one basis and offer them customized solution. This attribute of the company differentiates them from its competitors in the same segment. All the products and services of the company are delivered within stipulated time-frame. The urinal provides exceptional value for money.

The Men’s urinal caters to four persons in one go and saves space. They are self contained , large in capacity, mobile or semi-permanent urinals designed to meet the sanitation needs of urban as well as rural areas. These units are comfortable and provide quick, discreet methods of bladder relief. These are typically used as temporary toilet for various events. These toilets can be easily installed at any place and can be easily transported anywhere. The urinals are simple to clean and maintain and have a long service life. The urinals are attractively made with a long neck which makes it easy for men to use discreetly and with minimal risk of spillage. The urinals are made out of best quality materials and are available in a variety of colours. The toilets are designed according to European style and have dimensions pertaining to 1.15mx1.15mx2m.

features :
-Can be used as mobile or semi-permanent urinal.
-Large capacity
-Space-saving: 4 urinals in 1.
-Can be installed anywhere.
-Easy to transport.
-Easy to move with a hand truck.
-Simple to clean and maintain.
-Long service life.
-Attractive European design/construction, the Kros fits in with any -environment
-Dimensions: 1.15m x 1.15m x 2m.

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Manufacturers and suppliers of Fresh water flush toilet system. Our services: To & fro freight included (for up to 25-30 kms only), Anti Bacterial Chemical ANOTEC Blue 0307 (Toilet Sanitizing Solution), One Sweeper will be provided by us, With soap, Tissue paper & towel etc.

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