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Dark Glow Powder


Dark Glow Powder

Glow Vinyl Sheet[Stricker]


A Quality Product from
Dark Glow Powder [View Profile]
Hyderabad - India

Description :
Jash Photoluminescent Tape are made from Jash photoluminescent pigment and good quality PVC material. After absorbing visible light for 10-30 minutes, Jash photoluminescent tape will glow more than 8-12 hours in the darkness.

Glow in the Dark, Photo Luminescent Sticker Film and board are PVC sheets with glow material applied on them. Glow sticker film and board are two different products. Glow film is made from soft PVC and is flexible and can be cut easily into any required shape, either with a pair of scissors or by die cutting. Glow Stickers come with adhesive backing. Glow board is made from hard PVC and is a rigid and non flexible.

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Dark Glow Powder

Exporters & Suppliers of Photoluminescent Paint, Photoluminescent Water Based Acrylic Paint, Photoluminescent Acrylic Road Marking Paint, Photoluminescent Metal Paint, Photoluminescent Epoxy Floor Paint, Photoluminescent Ceramic (Enamel) Glaze, Luminous Enamel Glaze, Photoluminescent Signs, Photoluminescent Tape, Photoluminescent Masterbatch.

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