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Henan Fengbo Automation Company


Henan Fengbo Automation Company

The reliable FB-DHM Screw Feeder


A Quality Product from
Henan Fengbo Automation Company [View Profile]
Zhengzhou - China

Description :
Product Introduce
Screw feeder is a kind of measuring equipment for feeding control dynamic measuring and continuous conveying bulk material and powder .It controls the flow amount and flow direction of the material passing the screw conveyor according to the technical requirements to realize automatic management. It can be widely used in building material, chemicals, coal, ports, ceramics, food and other industries.
The screw feeder has two types: single tube single layer and double tube, double layer. If it is the former, it can realize measurement and conveying at the same time. If it is the latter, the above undertakes steady flow and conveying, and the bottom undertakes measurement and conveying that can have better steady flow effect and save spaces. Besides, the length of the conveyor can be designed according to the actual conditions.

Product Price :1~100t/h

features :
Product Features
1. FB-DMC-01A intelligent controller is adopted.
2. Gravimetric weighing combined with screw conveys to realize continuous dynamic measuring.
3. Compact structure & steady operation.
4. Automatically calibrate and measure system zero.
5. Set all kinds of parameters by hands.
6. With the function of self-diagnosis and can be connected to DCS system.

Product Applications :
It can be widely used in building material, chemicals, coal, ports, ceramics, food and other industries.

Special Offer :
USD 300Ot/h

Terms and Conditions :

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Henan Fengbo Automation Company

Since the company was founded, it has devoted itself to providing comprehensive solution in industrial production, infrastructure, energy saving. It manufactures: FB-IWFL/M Informatization Weigh Feeder, FB-IDRFS Fengbo Rotor Weighfeeder, FB-CWLF Continuous Loss-in-Weight Feeder, FB-CMF Coriolis Mass Flow Meter, FB-WFL/M/S Weigh Feeder, FB-S/DHM Screw Feeder, FB-BMP Dual-idler Electronic Belt Scale and Large-scale DCS Automatic Systems , which refer to building materials industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, electric power industry, coal industry, food and beverage industry, etc. PRODUCT CENTER:- Loss in weight Feeder Coriolis Powder Feeding Syst Rotor Scale Weigh Feeder/Belt Feeder Screw Feeder Belt Scale/Belt Weighing Informatization Weigh Feeder

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