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Henan Fengbo Automation Company


Henan Fengbo Automation Company

Reliable Informatization Continuous Loss-in-weight Feeder


A Quality Product from
Henan Fengbo Automation Company [View Profile]
Zhengzhou - China

Description :
Product Introduction
Continuous Loos-in-Weight Feeder, short for Loos-in-Weight, is a continuous feeding device to measure the material flow by the decrease rate of material in unit time. As measuring flow rate an approximately static weighing method, it is simple, high precision and practical. It is widely used in powder, pharmaceutical, food, chemicals and building material industries as the measurement equipment for powder material granule material and bulk material, giving precise measurement and continuous feeding control of the various components of the material.
The control system adopts PLC+HMI which is stable, reliable and very easy to operate, It can display state of the feeder and also have friendly human-computer interaction interface.

Product Price :0.03~300m

features :
Structure Features
1. The loss-in-weigh feeder is composed of fast filling device, inlet and outlet, flexible connection, weighing bin, load cell and screw conveyor.
2. Assist flow storehouse: adopting automatic air blow, which made material form rotation flow, preventing phenomenon of blockage and flow material.
3. Surge bin: two imported phenomenon valve act as upper and lower jointing parts, which can ensure the material absolutely sealing. In this case, the material will never flow to weighing bin, thus keep a high accuracy.
4. Weighing bin: the weigh bin is designed for weighing and able to prevent bridge and material impact and also ensure smooth and well-distributed feeding; meanwhile, it is easy to dismantle during cleaning and changing of some parts and components. The volume of the material bin depends on the feeding capacity.
5. Load cell: It carries calibration loops so as to realize weights-hoist calibration directly and they are distributed at 120°c in order to ensure the weighing accuracy.
6. Screw Conveyor: high accuracy screw is adopted, allowing a small gap between the screw and shell after precision processing, thus ensuring high weighing and measuring precision and stable feeding. The motor and reducer is connected directly to shaft of the screw blade which reduce the transitional steps to ensure the weighing accuracy.
7. All parts that contacting material are made of stainless steel, which can improve the fluidity of material and also can improve service life.

Product Applications :
Continuous loss-in-weight feeder is widely used in cement, building material, pharmaceutical, food and chemical etc.

Special Offer :
USD 7500~8500/set

Terms and Conditions :

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Henan Fengbo Automation Company

Since the company was founded, it has devoted itself to providing comprehensive solution in industrial production, infrastructure, energy saving. It manufactures: FB-IWFL/M Informatization Weigh Feeder, FB-IDRFS Fengbo Rotor Weighfeeder, FB-CWLF Continuous Loss-in-Weight Feeder, FB-CMF Coriolis Mass Flow Meter, FB-WFL/M/S Weigh Feeder, FB-S/DHM Screw Feeder, FB-BMP Dual-idler Electronic Belt Scale and Large-scale DCS Automatic Systems , which refer to building materials industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, electric power industry, coal industry, food and beverage industry, etc. PRODUCT CENTER:- Loss in weight Feeder Coriolis Powder Feeding Syst Rotor Scale Weigh Feeder/Belt Feeder Screw Feeder Belt Scale/Belt Weighing Informatization Weigh Feeder

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