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MUHU(China)Construction Materials Co.,Ltd


MUHU(China)Construction Materials Co.,Ltd

Expansive mortar-SCA


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Description :
Expansive mortar, a Soundless Cracking Agent is a kind of high expansive powdery material, which has been formulated by calcinating and grinding the oxides like Ca, Si, Al, etc. SCA mixed with water will turn into a pulpous state, and after being filled into the drill holes for a moment, it can crack the concrete constructions and rocks without vibration, noise and toxic gases.
● Amazing expansive capability
It breaks reinforced concrete, rock, marble, granite, limestone or any material you are working with.
● Easy to use
No formal training is required. Just mix MNC-SCA with water and then fill into holes.
● Non-explosive and environmental friendly
MNC-SCA is much safer than explosives, with no noise, vibration flying rocks, and toxic gases.
● Efficient and cost-effective
No special license, training or equipment is needed.

● Quarrying of granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, and quartzite.
● Rocks pre-splitting, fracture, cutting, demolishing and removal.
● Demolition or cutting concrete.
● Demolition of the concrete buildings and structures.
● Excavation of trenches and foundations.
● Underground excavation and removing boulders.
● Marine excavation and underwater operations as well
Item Temperature Required
SCA-1 25℃-40℃ ( 77℉-104℉)
SCA-2 10℃-30℃ ( 50℉-86℉)
SCA-3 -5℃-10℃ ( 23℉-50℉)
Standard water ratio to SCA is 30%-35% (SCA 5 KGS, Water 1500ml—1750ml)
The standard powder agent usage is 15-25kg/m3.

1. Preparation
Clean the hole forehead, neither water nor materials are allowed
Hole requirements:
Objects aperture (mm) Hole distance(cm) Hole depth Burden(cm)
Brick Masonry 35-50 30-45 H 40-60
MH rock 35-50 25-40 1.05H 30-50
Rock-cut 35-40 20-40 H 100-200
Plain Concrete 35-50 30-40 0.85H 30-40
Reinforced Concrete 35-50 15-30 0.95H 20-30

2. Mixing
● Equipment preparation
(1) Container for one bag of SCA—a metal round-shaped bucket or clean can with 10-20liters capacity
(2) Mixer for instance hand-mixer with saucer typed blade (hand mixing is available)
(3) Water measure beaker or measuring cylinder
(4) Protective goggles
(5) Rubber gloves,
(6) Dust-proof mask
(7) Helmet

● Mixing method
(1) Pour 1500ml—1750ml clean water into a container beforehand and add one bag (5kgs)of SCA gradually. After adequate mixing and totally dissolved, the liquid is ready to use.
(2) When the viscosity of the mixture of SCA and water is too high to pour into holes, it should be diluted by water to get good fluidity
However do not exceed 35% of water ratio (1750ml per 5kgs of SCA)
(3) Mixing time is approximately 2-3 minutes by hand-mixer. For large-volume, mechanical mixer is recommended
● Mixing water
(1) Use the clean water such as city water, river Water, Sea water which are not contaminated
(2) Use water with proper temperature for each type of SCA:
● in particular, cool water below 15℃ (59℉) must be used when average atmospheric temperature is more than 30℃ (86℉) for SCA
● When average atmospheric temperature is below zero, hot water with temperature 40-60℃ should be used.

3. Filling
Clean the hole forehead, neither water nor materials are allowed. SCA can be poured directly into the hole, or use the coking gun or grouting pump. Enough quantities for each hole, but do not need to jam the hole. For a horizontal hole, the hole can be easily plugged with SCA as it reaches clay like consistence as it starts setting up. A slight slope makes their use much easier.

● When the atmosphere temperature is above 10℃, generally covering is not necessary to be applied after the application of SCA except raining day. If crack comes out during the application, watering the crack may accelerate the expansive capability.
● When the atmosphere temperature is below 10 ℃, it is necessary to preserve the heat with straw mat covered on the surface, and through steam-curing.
● When the atmosphere temperature below ZERO, hot water with temperature 40℃ to 60℃ need to be applied in mixing, and meanwhile, heat preservation or heat accelerating need to be carried out. Or there is also an electric heating method which costs little electric, and may bring excellent explosive efficiency. That is: to put one 0.5 mm heating wire and one plastic wire in each hole, then collect them in series or parallel to 220V adjustable voltage transformer, then fall down the voltage to 50V to 100V, heating the SCA mixture by low-voltage high-current ,to keep the hydration of SCA at temperature of 40~50℃.

5. Cautions:
● Wear rubber gloves while work with it. Rinse with water, when any portion of the skin comes in contact with SCA
● DO NOT look directly into any holes while filling them. Wear PROTECTIVE GLASSES while working with it in case the material blows out of the hole and hurts workers’ eyes. Rinse with water when eyes come in contact with SCA, or go to hospital nearby
● Read INSTRUCTION carefully before use our products, and take protective measure as much as possible, in case anyone gets hurt. Connect us when anything is not clear.

1. Store SCA a dry place and use it as soon as possible. Though SCA is packed in anti-moisture plastic bags, long storage may cause deterioration of its working ingredients.
2. When storing, do not place the cartons or the bags of SCA directly on a floor. Put them on a pallet and keep in a dry warehouse etc. SCA stored in above-mentioned way can be effectively used for about 1 year.
3. SCA should be unpacked right before use.
4. When storing the portion of SCA remaining after use, push the bag, then seal it with gum tape and use it as soon as possible. However since it may get exposed to moisture, there is a risk of SCA losing its effectiveness once the bag has been opened
5. If you receive broken bags of SCA, they may not work due to possible moisture absorption.

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MUHU(China)Construction Materials Co.,Ltd

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