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MUHU(China)Construction Materials Co.,Ltd


MUHU(China)Construction Materials Co.,Ltd

Polycarboxyalte ether powder for admixture


A Quality Product from
MUHU(China)Construction Materials Co.,Ltd [View Profile]
Beijing - China

Description :
Polycarboxylate superplasticizer,ASTM C494
PC-P is a high performance, 100% poly-carboxylate based polymer, specifically developed as an effective dispersant, fluidifier and high range water reducing agent for concrete and other mineral materials. PC-P is a neutral concentrate grade, it is mainly used as a raw material to produce different types of high performance water reducers for targeted industrial. It complies with ASTM C 494, Type F specifications.
PC-P is a plant-added superplasticizer that is formulated to impart improved workability to the concrete and to achieve high early compressive strength as required by the precast industry. PC-P can be applied in a wide variety industry, such as the production of self-consolidating concrete in precast industry, conventional concrete production industry even with low water/cement ratios while maintaining normal levels of workability and so on.

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MUHU(China)Construction Materials Co.,Ltd

Superplasticizer, chemicals for concrete, dry mortor admixtures, high-strength non-shrink grouting, Building adhesive/sealant, coating, special cement

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