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Anping jinxincheng wire mesh Co.,ltd


Anping jinxincheng wire mesh Co.,ltd

High Ribbed Formwork


A Quality Product from
Anping jinxincheng wire mesh Co.,ltd [View Profile]
Hengshui - China

Description :
High Ribbed Formwork (also known as demolition of the template-free network) is to use hot-dip zinc steel, according to BSEN 10142 1991 Fe P03GI + FeP02GI Z275 are made of mesh, and their U-section is based on high-tech computerized automation suppressed by the cut Cheng, board surface as a whole made no contact, anti-tension exceptionally strong. High Ribbed Formwork as expendable template fixed. When the template behind the pouring of concrete, the mesh on the Yujiao the CD, we embedded in concrete to form a casting connected to the block and the neighboring mechanical wedge. Seam quality is strictly controlled. Its adhesion and shear strength in dealing with a well-stitched rough Zhuo comparable.
High Ribbed Formwork features:
1, mechanical performance, the small lateral pressure by the pressure equivalent to a general 60% of the template, it can reduce the amount of template support for 40% of the keel.
2, direct observation of a special casting process because of their mesh, can the naked eye to monitor the casting, and therefore appeared to reduce the risk of pores and cellular
3, light weight, easy transportation and installation of steel weight is only one-tenth of normal shape, the installation quick and easy transportation.
4, optimizing processes, increasing the shear interface, when the mortar pouring hole through the mesh grid made of a penetration into the interface shear behavior of a very good coarse-grained interface.
5, easy to wear and continuous lashing reinforced by the tendons heal with the dense network of specialty porous mesh, a slight force can be reinforced through the use of 12mm below. The steel can be cut slightly larger diameter of the grid, to be reinforced through the location after the board back to be. The hy-rib can also be installed on the steel prior to banding, and then piercing through their mesh installed.
6, to adapt to sub-cast concrete, construction, civilization, a permanent template, no need to form removal or market manipulation can be bonded joints and to prepare for the next pouring of concrete, so a simplified interface for preparatory work.
7, sockets, and cutting more than performance, easy to operate, easy to cut, can be based on the requested extension and flexion bending mode shape.

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Anping jinxincheng wire mesh Co.,ltd

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