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Ore World Trade Co., Ltd.


Ore World Trade Co., Ltd.

offer rapid set calcium aluminate cement


A Quality Product from
Ore World Trade Co., Ltd. [View Profile]
Tangshan - China

Description :
Our company can offer refractory cement( also name as high alumina cement, calcium aluminated cement) with good quality but competitive prices. It is widely used in refractory products as the raw material. Please find main information as below:
Technical data
Calcium Aluminate Cement (CA-50)
Al2O3: 50% min SiO2:8% max Fe2O3: 2.5% max
Blaine specific surface area: 300m2/kg
Initial setting time: 30 min min
Final setting time: 6 h max
Flexural strength: 1day 5.5MPa min; 3 days 6.5 MPa min
Compression strength: 1 day 40 MPa min; 3 days 50 MPa min
Main purpose of calcium aluminate cement
Prepare refractory concrete, refractory castable and unshaped refractory material.
Prepare expansive and self-stressing cement.
Make man made marble.
Non-load bearing sulfate resistant projects.
Package: By jumbo Bag
Minimum order quantities: 40 tons.
Besides the high alumina cement, we can also offer CSA cement( fast setting and high strength cement) and refractory products and thermal insulation products.
If you are interested in them, please don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t hesitate to contact us.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,
Xinglu. A. Jiang

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Ore World Trade Co., Ltd.

Exporters and Traders of construction materials such as various refractory bricks, thermal insulating materials, calcium sulpho-aluminate cement, concrete expanding additives and admixtures, hardware and tools - Refractory bricks : Clay bricks High alumina bricks Silicon carbide bricks Silicon nitride bricks Silicon bricks Magnesia chrome bricks Crucibles - Kiln furnitures : Mulite-Cordierite Batts Mulite-Cordierite Props Mulite-Cordierite Setters - Siliconised Silicon Carbid Beam : Unshaped refractory material Special refractory castable Light weight castable Low cement castable Clay boned refractory castable Self-flow refractory castable Plastic refractory Ladle castable Tundish coating Ladle patching refractory Dry ramming refractory Refractory mortar Tapping launder ramming refractory Phosohate refractory castable refractory Alumina-Silica-Carbon plastic refractory - Thermal Insulating materials : Bricks in JIS standard Bricks in JM standard Bricks in China national standard Calcium silicate board 600 Calcium silicate board 1000 Ceramic fiber blanket Ceramic fiber board Ceramic fiber paper Ceramic fiber yarn Rock wool board Rock wool blanket - Raw materials for ceramics : Washed kaolin Bentonite Bone ash Frit Liquid Gold For Ceramic Plaster for ceramics mould - Special cement : Calcium Sulphoaluminate Cement White Portland Cement High Alumina Cement Calcium aluminate Clinker Water glass acid proof cement Sulphate Resistant Cement - Concrete additives : Expanding additives for Concrete I type Expanding additives for Concrete II type Set retarder Set retarding and water reducing admixture Set retarding and superplasticizer admixture I Set retarding and superplasticizer admixture II Superplasticizer I Superplasticizer II Hardening accelerating and water reducing admixture

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