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Shandong Gresea Building Material Co Ltd


Shandong Gresea Building Material Co Ltd



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Shandong Gresea Building Material Co Ltd [View Profile]
yucheng - China

Description :
Amino-superplasticizer is condensation by the amino acid salt, phenol and other materials, Can significantly reduce the water consumption of concrete, it has a plastic, plasticized and other characteristics, The adaptability of cement is good, Applicable to the preparation of ordinary concrete, mass concrete, commercial concrete, etc. In particular suitable for the preparation of C50 pumping concrete and high strength concrete.
Main Performance
1,the product is brown, Concentration is 30%-35%.
2, Water-reducing rate is 20-30%.
3, plasticizing function is strong, Make concrete slump from 3 ~ 5cm up to 20cm or more.
4, the role of enhance is significant, Basically unchanged in maintaining the slump of concrete circumstances, 1 to 3 days of concrete strength increased by 50 ~ 80%, 28-day strength increased from 25 to 60%.
5, the goods are very low sodium, Is a low alkali content of admixtures, Can prevent the alkali - aggregate reaction.
6, This product is very low chloride ion content, No corrosion effect to the reinforcement.
1, Ash for the cement content of 0.6 ~ 1.7%, The preparation of high-strength concrete should be appropriately increased dosage.
2, Please use the site raw materials do a prior concrete specimens test, To obtain the best useful results.
Packaging, storage
1, This product packaged in drums, Net mass of per drum is 50kg,100kg and 200kg, You can also use tanker shipments.
2, Product shelf life is one year, Extended passed the test can continue to use.

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Shandong Gresea Building Material Co Ltd

We are an manufacturers of concrete admixtures, total include about 70 species, especially good at: *Naphthalene superplasticizer admixture, *Retardation protection plastic Superplasticizer Admixtures, *Complex antifreeze, *Amino-superplasticizer, *Polycarboxylate superplasticizer, *Hardening accelerating and waterreducing admixture, *Air entraining agent.

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