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Shandong Gresea Building Material Co Ltd


Shandong Gresea Building Material Co Ltd

Naphthalene superplasticizer admixture


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yucheng - China

Description :
Superplasticizer is cited by the chemical synthesis of non-air-type superplasticizer.The chemical name is β-naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate,It has a strong role in the dispersion of cement particles.Pandemic on the state of preparation of concrete, with early strength, high strength requirements of in-situ concrete and to the system components, there is a very good use of effects.Can be comprehensively enhance and improve the various properties of concrete, has good applicability to Commonly used cement.Can be used for roads, bridges, dams, ports, tunnels, power engineering and water conservancy facilities, engineering, industrial and civil construction, prefabricated steam-cured and nature conservation, etc..
Main Technical Performance:
1, Dosage for the cementitious material content of 0.5 ~ 1.5%, reducing the water rates up to 12-28%,the role of early strength and are obvious,3 days strength of concrete increases by 60 - 130%,7 days strength increased 40-60%,28 days can increase 20-40%,Still have improving for long-term strength.
2, maintaining the strength and slump of concrete with the same degree of comparable non-mixed concrete water reducer to save 15-20% of cement.
3, incorporation of this product can significantly improve the workability and mechanical properties of concrete.And to make concrete compressive, tensile, flexural strength, elastic modulus and long-term strength has increased accordingly.
4, this product has better adaptability for all kinds of cement.Such as: Portland cement, ordinary portland cement, slag cement, ash and cement.
5, suitable for high-strength concrete, flowing concrete, early strength concrete, precast steam-cured concrete, prestressed concrete, etc.
6, the products are powder and liquid,Liquid Solid volume 40 ▒ 2%,specific gravity≥1.22,Dosage1.5-3.0%,Other performance indicators remain unchanged.
7, product can be used as master copies of composite materials and other groups,to preparation of different characteristics admixtures(such as early strength water-reducing agent, retarding water reducer, pumping anti-freeze and pumping water reducing agent etc.),Fully meet the the requirements of different type of construction, construction technology, construction technology, and temperature conditions.
Applied Technology Highlights:
1, powder according to the percentage of cementitious materials,liquid products according to the usage amount of solid conversion.
2, using post-doping method is better, an appropriate extension of time in order to facilitate uniform mixing.
3, the liquid should be above 15 ℃ temperature use and storage, to avoid the crystallization.

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Shandong Gresea Building Material Co Ltd

We are an manufacturers of concrete admixtures, total include about 70 species, especially good at: *Naphthalene superplasticizer admixture, *Retardation protection plastic Superplasticizer Admixtures, *Complex antifreeze, *Amino-superplasticizer, *Polycarboxylate superplasticizer, *Hardening accelerating and waterreducing admixture, *Air entraining agent.

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