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Qingdao Guosen Machinery.,Ltd.


Qingdao Guosen Machinery.,Ltd.

Complete set of machines for Scrimber production line


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Qingdao Guosen Machinery.,Ltd. [View Profile]
Qingdao - China

Description :
Scrimber production is the path to the timber after peeling twist into a fiber bundle, and then by drying, sizing, pavement, and then through the compressor equipment produced by cold pressing or hot pressing and sawing processes certain works made of wood . Scrimber production line equipment for main crushing machine, drying machine, spreading machine, felting machine, hot press or cold press and so on.
Raw materials can be softwood, hardwood can also be a general diameter in the 4-8in, thinning wood from short-period, price alone is equivalent to the production of sawn timber and logs used for plywood 1/4-1/5. Scrimber simple production technology, the modernization process, save labor costs, to ensure product quality.
Scrimber good machining performance, as compared with the natural wood, almost does not bend, do not crack, do not distort. Its density can be artificially controlled, good product stability, in the process, it does not exist at the time of natural wood processing waste and value loss, the comprehensive utilization rate of timber can be increased to more than 85%.
Not only can be used for furniture, doors and windows materials, building load-bearing material, and plates, templates and products of the substrate surface. Engineered wood Scrimber column in Heng material in the manufacture of large-scale frame, rafters, hinged pieces and large-span beam structure have a strong competitive edge. The reorganization of wooden materials and wood I-beams, laminated veneer lumber, plywood, veneer be directed to become useful, as well as compared to solid wood lumber, and its strength and rigidity and engineering of wood properties required are the key to outstanding performance.

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Qingdao Guosen Machinery.,Ltd.

Production machinery.Complete set of equipments for Wood-based Panel Machinery. Hot and cold Press of bamboo plywood, bamboo flooring board, laminated wood, LVL, Bending wood, Fireproof board, Insulating board, WPC, wood-plastic board, Honeycomb Panel, Sandwich Panel, vulcanizing press, Industrial cardboard pressing machines. Strand weave Bamboo wood pressing machines. Complete set of equipments for plywood, scrimber, particle board, Laminated flooring, Wood Molded Pallets, MDF, Short Cycle Laminating.

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