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caztex insulation company,limited


caztex insulation company,limited

Non-asbestos Beater Sheet


A Quality Product from
caztex insulation company,limited [View Profile]
cixi - China

Description :
Description:CAZ-AF140N Non-asbestos beater sheet is made from synthetic emulsion, plants fiber and filling material. The production is used for position of lubrication system, which has the property of good compressibility and coefficient of resilience, in addition, the inside of caz can properly swell to meet oil, that make up of the shortcoming that procession machining precision is not enough, which affected self-sealing.

Non-asbestos Beater Sheet

CAZ-AF140V is Vulcanized non-asbestos beater sheet, It has smooth face and high density compared with Style CAZ-AF140N.
CAZ-AF140NI is asbestos sheet reinforced with tanged carbon steel, normal as caz materials for explosion engine cylinder cazs and chemical cazs.

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caztex insulation company,limited

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