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Jiangsu chemical research institute co.,ltd.


Jiangsu chemical research institute co.,ltd.

Polyurea Spray Elastomer


A Quality Product from
Jiangsu chemical research institute co.,ltd. [View Profile]
Nanjing - China

Description :
JSU series polyurea spray elastomer
Polyurea Spray is a very versatile coating system for corrosion resistance, waterproofing as well as abrasion protection.
JSU series polyurea spray elastomers are based on reaction-injection molding (RIM) technique and the success of amine-terminated polyether production, providing consistent seamless coating. It contains no solvents and is not affected by moisture or temperature conditions.
JSU-1 Waterproof Spray Elastomer
This product can be used for waterproof in roof, tunnels, bridges, reservoirs, swimming pools and silos. JSU-1 contains compound that increases gel time, therefore the product will have better permeability and adhesion to the surface.
JSU-2 Floor-used Spray Elastomer
It is especially used in indoor, factory, vehicle part place where have requirement of flam-retardant. It can also provide a protective coating for concrete surfaces ,etc.
JSU-3 Abrasion-resistant Spray Elastomer
JSU-3 has high hardness and abrasion resistance, it is extensively used on the floor and walls of bridges and houses.
JSU-4 Collide-resistant Spray Elastomer
JSU-4 has higher hardness and good collide-resistance. Therefore, it shows excellent performance in coating of structures such as chemicals, oil, pipelines, and tanks.
JSU-5 Corrosion-resistant Spray Elastomer
JSU-5 has better corrosion-resistance.
Solid content/% 100 100 100 100 100
V.O.C/% 0 0 0 0 0
Density/(kg/L) 1.07 1.10 1.07 1.09 1.07
A component-Approx. 500 500 500 400 350
B component, Approx. 500 400 400 500 350
Cure times
Pot life /s <5 <5 <25 <10 <10
Tack-free time/s 12~20 12~20 50~60 50~80 12~20
Post cure/hr 12 12 12 12 12
Recoat/hr 0~12 0~12 0~12 0~12 0~12
Clean up solvent JSX-Ⅱ JSD
Tensile strength /Mpa 10 11~15 8-12 25-40 10-14
Elongation /% 400?50 200?50 250?50 10~100 200?50
Hardness /shore A 80?5 95?5 85?5 95?5 90?5
Hardness /shore D 40?5 50?5 40?5 65?5 50?5
Tear strength(KN/m) 35?5 45?5 40?5 75?5 50?5
Abrasion resistance (1000rev,H-18wheels) (mg/kg) <110 <50 <110 <110 <110
Chemical resistance good excellent
Permeability of water(0.3MPa) Water resistant
Compliance at -30℃ curving without split

Product Price :USD4367-US

features :
* Fast reactivity and cure without catalyst
* 100% solid formulations without solvents, thus environment-friendly
* Extraordinary physical properties which can be adjusted in a wide range
* Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates for properly formulated system
* Resistant to chemicals and extended durability, even in extreme environmental condition
* Different colors are available
* Relatively moisture and temperature insensitive during application
* Thanks to their short gel time, they can be apllied on surfaces with any shapes without sagging.
Advantages( Polyurea vs. Epoxy resin)
* much better corrosion-resistant property and better tenacity, while epoxy is hard and crispy. Polyurea has higher hardness and tensile strength.
* Better chemical-resistance.
* elasticity, comfortable for people to walk on.
* extended durability, guarantee 30 years life.
* fast cure, can be walk on in seconds.

Product Applications :
Corrosion resistant
* Tank lining: oil factory, chemical factory, electric factory, etc.
* Pipe/pipeline lining: petroleum pipe, chemical pipes, water pipe, natural gas pipe, city heat addition,
* Sour wash slot., electroplate slot
* Concrete coating
* Skidproof deck of offshore drilling platform, warship or boat deck, cabin floor
* Floor/wall/ceiling coating in workshop, warehouse, kitchen in food industry, pharmaceutical industry
* Truck Bed Liners, railcar lining, track container
Waterproofing & Thermal insulation materials
* Protective covering for polyurethane foam roofs.
* Pond/ditch/lagoons/reservoirs/swimming pools/cooling tower
* Roofs, tunnels, bridges, tanks, manhole & sewer lining, aquarium lining, underground projects
* Foundation coating, roof coating
* Coating and lining for glass fiber reinforced products
Abrasion resistant & Collide resistant
* Buoys & Fender
* Truck bed liners , railcar lining, track container
* Abrasion resistant liner in mining area
* Tank coating
* Storage/shipping container
* Collide resistant material

Theme Park & Decorative Design
* Theme Parks use polyurea as a protective coating over foam
* EPS foam and other structures to create ornamental building fascia.
* Themed characters, artificial rocks, pools and environments, artificial landscapes, stage
Industrial flooring & Sports facilities
* Indoor/factory/vehicle parts where flam-retardance is required
* Material surface coating
* Playgrounds and race track
* Tennis court, basketball court, and other courts
Shelf life is six months minimum when stored at 59oF~158 oF and dry conditions. Like most construction materials, must be stored in a dry, well-protected and suitable storage environment. Keep containers sealed.

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Jiangsu chemical research institute co.,ltd.

Manufacturer and Traders of Chemicals. Products :- -Polyurea spray Elastomer -Polyurethane automobile solution -Rigid Polyurethane Foam -Chemical raw material -Adhesives & Sealants -Additives -Other chemicals Our Products :-Raw material, Additives, Adhesives, Premix, Elastomer, Fine chemicals.

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