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Plastruct Canada Inc.


Plastruct Canada Inc.

Tivar? 88 & 88-2 Sheet


A Quality Product from
Plastruct Canada Inc. [View Profile]
Vineland - Canada

Description :
Installing a Tivar? 88 will end repetitive and reoccurring product flow problems! Tivar? 88 and Tivar? 88-2 are proven performers that are recognized world-wide as premium lining materials. Their incredible wear and slip characteristics give consistent, smooth and easy flow when handling cohesive or non-free flowing materials.

These modified, ultra high molecular weight (UHMW for short) polymers outlast other traditional lining materials for sliding wear applications, including high carbon steel and stainless steel! Read further to learn more about Tivar? 88!

Key Tivar? 88 characteristics:-
Promote reliable, steady bulk material flow

Excellent slide abrasion wear resistance

Low co-efficient of friction, ultra-slick.

Light-weight material (1/8 of steel)

Excellent freeze release capabilities

Weldable, form seamless installation.

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Plastruct Canada Inc.

We Provide Manufacturer Premium Plastic Sheet, Rod, & Products. All plastic sheets and shapes listed below are sold with the PQA seal. (Polyzone Quality Assurance) Products :- Acetal Acrylic (PolyGlas) Boatboard? Densilite? XP Sheet FRP (Fiberglass Wall Panels) Nylon Phenolic Plastic Containers Plastic Lumber Polycarbonate (Hyzod? or Lexan?) Polyliner Polypropylene PTFE (Teflon?) PVC Sanalite? Cutting Board Sani-Armour? Smooth Move Lining Systems Tivar UHMW-PE Plastic Welders Specialty Products Acetal :- Black Acetal Sheet Black Acetal Rod Natural (white) Acetal Sheet Natural (white) Acetal Rod Acrylic (PolyGlas) :- Clear Acrylic Sheet Bronze Acrylic Sheet Sign White Acrylic Sheet Clear Acrylic Rod Clear Acrylic Tube Boatboard? :- White Boatboard? Sheet SeaFoam Boatboard? Sheet Densilite? XP Sheet :- White Densilite? XP Grey Densilite? XP Grey Densilite? TX Densilite? Dividers FRP (Fiberglass Wall Panels) :- 0.090" Textured Wall Panels Insulated Wall Panels Fiberglass Wall Panel Grating Fiberglass Wall Panel Mouldings Nylon :- Nylon Type 6 Cast Sheet Nylon Type 6/6 Cast Sheet Nylon MDS (Molybdenum Disulphide) Sheet Cast Nylon Rod Nylon 6/6 Rod Nylon MDS Rod Phenolic :- Canvas (C or CE) Phenolic Sheet Plastic Containers :- KingBin? (Heavy-Duty Tote) Multi-Purpose Bin Plastic Lumber :- Forest Floor Tan Plastic Lumber Redwood Plastic Lumber Hunter Green Plastic Lumber Arctic White Plastic Lumber Grey Plastic Lumber Polycarbonate (Hyzod? or Lexan?) :- Clear Abrasion Resistant (A/R) Polycarbonate Clear Polycarbonate Sheet Bronze Polycarbonate Sheet Sign White Polycarbonate Sheet Clear Polycarbonate Rod Clear Polycarbonate Tube Twinwall Polycarbonate Polyliner :- Plastruct Polyliner DuraPro? Truck Liners QuickSilver? Truck Liner Polypropylene :- Natural Polypropylene Sheet Co-Polymer Polypropylene Sheet Premium White Polypropylene Sheet Premium Black Polypropylene Sheet PTFE (Teflon?) :- PTFE Rod PVC :- PVC Sheet (Type 1 Grade 1) Flexible PVC Door Strip Sanalite? Cutting Board :- Sanalite? Cutting Board Sheet Sani-Armour? :- Sani-Armour? Sheets White Sani-Armour? Sheets Black Sani-Armour? Rolls Smooth Move Lining Systems :- Polymer Truck Liners Bin & Hopper Liners Contact Us Life-Saving Hopper System Tivar UHMW-PE :- TIVAR? Recycled UHMW Sheet High-Heat DrySlide Sheet Tivar?, 1000 UHMW Sheet Tivar? 1000 UHMW Rod Tivar? 88 & 88-2 Sheet Tivar? Ceram-P? UHMW Sheet Tivar? H.O.T. UHMW Sheet QuickSilver? Truck Liner DuraPro? Truck Liners TIVAR Black Uni-Blend Tivar 1000 UHMW Tube Plastic Welders :- Drader Injectiweld Specialty Products :- Wareboards. Industries :- Agriculture and Food Building & Construction Chemical Cities & Regions Home & Garden Manufacturing Marine Pulp & Paper Transportation Choose an Industry :- The following are industries in which our plastics are used : Agriculture and Food :- Feed-bunk liners Agricultural Chute liners Skid plates Containers Truck & wagon liners Building & Construction :- Car wash panels Insulated wall panels Institutional glazing Decking and docks Bullet-proof security glazing Grating Wall panels Portable building skirting Chemical :- Mounting backboards Fume hoods Machine housings Table / Bench tops Cities & Regions :- Arenas & boards & glass Signs Park benches Bus shelters Clear roof & wall panels Truck liners Display cabinets Playgrounds Home & Garden :- Plastic Lumber furniture See-thru porch roof and wall Decking Garden shed walls Plastic sheet for Do-It-Yourself projects Manufacturing :- Machined plastic parts Conveyors Bearings & bushings Rollers Liners See-thru guards Wear plates Marine :- Windshields Seats Swim platforms Counter tops Floors Docks Pulp & Paper :- Drag chain conveyor liners Sliding wear pads Hopper liners Industrial Chute liners Corrosion resistant parts Transportation :- Brick boards Scuff liners Rack panels Slider pads FRP sidewall panels Wareboards

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