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Namit Enterprise


Namit Enterprise

Brass Nuts


A Quality Product from
Namit Enterprise [View Profile]
Jamnagar - India

Description :
Any kind of Brass Nuts can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer specifications.

Hex Full Nuts
Hex Lock Nuts
Hex Rivet Nut
Square Nuts
Wing Nuts

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Namit Enterprise

Manufacturer and exporter of precision turned brass components and brass parts including fasteners, electrical accessories, cable glands, plug pins and socket pins, connectors for terminal blocks, nuts, washers, sheet cutting parts, inserts, line taps, terminals for connectors, neutral links, male female pillars, earthing equipments and accessories, panel board and switch gear parts, HRC fuse contacts, flare fittings, current and potential terminals, sanitary fittings, battery terminals, fibre optic cable connectors, and special components. Brass Screws:- Cheese Head Slotted Screw Counter Sunk Head Slotted Screw Round Head Slotted Screw Pan Head Slotted Screw Raised Head Slotted Screw Philips Head Screw Combination Head Screw Socket Head Screw Terminals Screw for Connector Block Knurled Slotted Screw (Thumb Screw) Slotted Grub Screw Special Head Screw Brass Bolts Brass Nuts- Hex Full Nuts Hex Lock Nuts Hex Rivet Nut Square Nuts Wing Nuts Brass Washers Brass Inserts- Round Knurled Inserts Hexagonal Inserts Square Inserts Brass Cable Glands- B/W 2 Parts Cable Gland B/W 4 Parts Cable Gland C/W 3 Parts Cable Gland C/W 4 Parts Cable Gland A1 / A2 Cable Gland E1W Cable Gland Brass Neutral Links Brass Earthing Equipments and Accessories Brass HRC Fuse Contacts Brass Current and Potential Terminals Brass Battery Terminals Brass Special Component Brass Electrical Plug Pins and Socket Pins Connectors for Terminal Blocks Brass Turned Parts Brass Sheet Cutting Parts Brass Line Taps Brass PCB Terminals for Connectors Brass Male Female Pillars Brass Panel Board and Switch Gear Parts Flare Fittings Sanitary Fittings Fibre Optic Cable Connectors

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