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Goodluck Steel Tubes Ltd.


Goodluck Steel Tubes Ltd.



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Goodluck Steel Tubes Ltd. [View Profile]
Ghaziabad - India

Description :
The elegance and beauty of marble is unsurpassed by any other natural or synthetic stone. Since time immemorial the artistic charm and luxurious appeal of marble has fascinated one and all. The marbles, which are highly durable and resistant to water and grease are available in various colors and surface textures. It is extensively used in residential applications for floorings, counter tops, fireplace facings, ornamental furnishings and a host of other applications.
Forest Green Marbles
Rain Forest Green Marbles
Forest Green Marbles
Water Fall Green Marble
Rain Forest Brown Marble
Onyx Pink Marble
Onyx Green Marble

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Goodluck Steel Tubes Ltd.

We are Manufacturers & Exporter of a wide range of products that include bicycles, automobile spare parts and components, industrial & engineering goods, builders hardwares, natural stones, scaffolding systems, miscellaneous tools, power generators & engines among others. 1. Tools :- - Hand Tools :- Pipe Wrench, Adjustable Wrench, Tap Wrench, Chain Pipe Wrench, Double Open End Spanner, Water Pump Plier, Combination Plier, Long Nose Plier, Saw Set Plier, Tin Cutter, Top Cutter, Cross Pein Hammer, Claw Hammer, Screw Driver, Try Square, Hacksaw Frame Fixed, Hacksaw Frame Tubular, Hand Drill - Machine Tools :- Bearing Puller, C.I. Bench Vice, Pipe Vice, Milling Machine Vice, G'Cramp, Jack Plane, Pipe Die Set, Grease Gun, Wreking Bar - Garden Hand Tool :- Digging and Border Spade, Dutch Hoe and Draw Hoe, Edging Knife, Shovel (Frankfurter), Shovel Square Mouth 2. Scaffolding Fitting & Systems :- - Forged Couplers :- Double Coupler, Swivel Coupler, Putlog Coupler, Accessories - Pressed Couplers :- Double Coplers, Swivel Coupler, Sleeve Coupler, Joints Pin, Putlog Coupler, Fencing Coupler, Roofing Coupler, Staircase Coupler, Toe Board Bracket, Girder Coupler, Putlog Head Adaptor, Accessories - Cuplock System :- Top Cup, Bottom Cup, Ledger End - Kwik Stage System :- Wedge, Guide/Banana, V. Pressing, Ledger, Spigot - Jack & Props :- Adjustable Base Jack, U. HEAD OD ? 38mm, Universal Jack OD ? 38mm, Base Plate Spigot Type, Base Plate Pipe Insert, Base Plate Strip Insert, Jack Nut, Flat Base Plate, PROPS - Form Tie Accessories :- Wing Nut, Tie Rod, Anchor Nut 3 Wing, Anchor Nut 4 Wing, Waller Plate, Rapid Lock, The Bar Connector, Hex Nut, Water Barrier, Water Baprier With DISC - Accessories :- Scaffold Spanner, Leather Tool Kit, Sprit Leval, Pallet Feet, Gloves, Forged WedgesItem, Frame Ring 3. Bicycle & Bicycle Parts :- - Bicycle :- C.K.D., S.K.D kits for bicycle in the following * Roadster - Phillip & /or Relaigh M.T.B., A.T.B. Types for gents or ladies * Available with or without accessories as per buyer's specifications. - Bicycle parts :- *Frames, Forks & Handles - PH, RL, Double Top, Sports, MTB / ATB, for ladies and gents Parts for all models are available. *Saddle - MTB, PH / RL and spring type in rubber and leather top. *Mudguard - PH / RL, MTB in 12" to 24 *Chain cover - Quarter, half and full chain cover. *Chain wheels - 36T to 52T with cranks ranging from 90 mm to 170 mm Single to Triple. *Freewheels single - 14T, 16T, 18T *Multispeed Freewheel - 3 spd, 5 spd, 6 spd, 7spd, range:14T-28T *Hubs - PH, RL, Conical types & their parts. *Fork Fittings - French, PH, Italian and RL type. *B.B Axle - Cottered & Cotterless type. *B.B Cups - PH, RL, French, Italian types. *RIM - Endric, Westwood, Westric, MTB & all sizes. *Spokes- 10 to 15 guage with lengths to order. *Brakes - PH, RL, Caliper & Cantilever types - Bicycle Tyres of all makes and sizes :- *Tubes - Natural Rubber & Butyl in all sizes. - Bicycle Accessories :- *Carrier - Wire, Channel, ATB / MTB types *Stand - PH / RL, Sports, Pistol, Double type stand *Bell - Dome, Double dome types *Basket - Front , Side hanging types. *Reflectors - For Mudguards, Pedal, Seat. *Light & Dynamo - 6V and 12V models. *Pump - Hand pump & Foot pump 4. Construction & Building Hardwares :- - Window / Door Hardware :- We are exporting wholesale door hardware of M.S. Steel Window, Door and Ventilator, Fabricated frames and variety of Steel sections. - Builder Hardware Fittings :- Window locks, Stays, Tower bolts, Expansion bolts, Door handles, Knobs, Padlocks, Hinges, Door closers, Curtain hooks and fittings in brass, aluminium & steel. - Sanitary Fittings :- We export wide range of sanitary fittings including Mixers, Shower arms, Pillar tap, Spouts, Stop cocks, Bib cocks, Faucets etc. - Bathroom Fittings & Accessories :- We export bathroom accessories like Towel bar, Towel ring, Hooks, Roll holders, Mirror stands, Tumbler, Soap dishes, Tooth brush stands, Bathroom tray etc. - Aluminium Fittings :- Aluminium hardware fittings like Knobs, Fire fronts drawer & Cabinet fitting, Latches letter plates, Door stoppers, Ladders and other aluminium products. - Tiles :- All types of floor and wall tiles including marble, granite, slate, redstone, sandstone and ceramic tiles. - Kitchen Fittings :- We export all kinds of kitchen fittings and accessories. 5. GENSETS / INVERTERS :- - Industrial Diesel Engines :- Water cooled, slow speed lister type engines for industry & agricultural purpose. Air cooled and water cooled generator engines & agriculture engines from 8hp to 20hp (high speed average speed 1500 rpm) *Technical Specifications (Engines) *Technical Specifications (Generators) - Alternators :- Available from 8hp onwords, three phase & single phase for use in homes, offices and industries. - Welding Alternators :- For welding in remote places. - Invertors :- *Inverters range (250 VA/12V to 2000 VA/48 V) *Tech input voltage (150 V to 280 V) *Overall efficiency - above 90% - UPS range [ 525 VA - 2000 VA] - Voltage Stabilisers :- All kind of stabilizers for complete protection of all appliances from high and low voltage within +-1%. Available from 200 Watson words. *Technical Specifications *Other Features 6. AUTOMOBILE PARTS & SPARES :- - Automotive Components :- Tyres, Tubes, Gears, Bulbs, Horns etc. - Automotive Spare Parts :- Auto jacks, Spanners, Oil seals, Bearings, Filters etc. - Automotive Accessories :- Covers, Wheel covers, Side boxes, Extra locks etc. 7. Natural Stones :- - MARBLES :- Forest Green Marbles, Rain Forest Green Marbles, Forest Green Marbles, Water Fall Green Marble, Rain Forest Brown Marble, Onyx Pink Marble, Onyx Green Marble - limestone :- N. Green Limestones, Indian Autumn Limestones, Himachal White Limestones, Lime Pink Limestones, Kota Brown Lime stone, Kota Blue Lime stone, Kadappa Black Lime stone, Lime Green Lime stone - Sandstone :- Raj Green Sandstone, Autumn Brown Sandstone, Chocolate Sandstone, Dholpur Beige Sandstone, Dholpur Pink Sandstone, Dholpur Red Sandstone, Teakwood Sandstone, Rainbow Sandstone, Dusty Sandstone, Modak Sandstone, Taj Rose Sandstone, Mint Sandstone, Kandla Grey Sandstone, Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone, Desert Sandstone, Jaisalmer Yellow Sandstone, Vijay Gold Sandstone, Raja Red Sandstone - Granite :- Golden Oak Granite, Lavender Blue Granite, Black Galaxy Granite, Absolute Black Granite, Imperial White Granite, Jet Black Granite, Forest Green Granite, Peacock Green Granite, Pink Granite, Imperial Red Granite, Golden Juperana Granite, Tan Brown Granite, Black Pearl Granite, Vizag Blue Granite, Colombo Juparana Granite, Kashmir White Granite, Sapphire Blue Granite, Indian Juparana Granite, R.R Gold Granite, Forest Black Granite, Paradiso Granite, Paradiso Classic Granite, Kashmir Gold Granite, Seaweed Green Granite, Indian Mahogany Granite, Hassan Green Granite, Red Multi Color Granite, Shiva Gold Granite, Sapphire Brown Granite, Tropical Green Granite, Steel Grey Granite, White Galaxy Granite, Tan Blue Granite 8. Other Products :- - Iron Pipe Fittings :- Made of galvanised iron, our list of iron pipe fittings includes Elbow, Tee, Socket, Union, Reducing Elbow, Reducing Tee, Reducing Socket, Cross, Three way Elbow, Nipple, Plug, Tank Nipple, Flexible Hoses in Steel and Stainless Steel and other fittings as per customer's specification. We also provide irrigation pipes installation systems & accessories. - Valves :- Check valves, Foot valves, Ball valves, Thermodynamic Traps, Relief Valves etc. - Water Meters & Faucets :- Available in various sizes as per International Standards. - Fasteners In MS , EN-8 & Stainless Steel :- All types of nuts, bolts, screws , J-hooks, expansion bolts & straight rods in normal and high tensile hardness. Our fasteners are used both for industrial, construction & automobile industry. Available in all sizes in galvanised and block types. - Steel Structures :- Made as per customer's drawings and specification including door and window section and industrial requirements. - Steel Castings :- Available in cast iron, cast steel, alloy steel, S.G. iron, stainless steel and boron steel. All the castings confirm to any / all standards processed in coreless, thyrister control, medium frequency induction furnaces using hand as well as machine mouldings for productions jobs. Testing facilites include sand, chemical, emission spectrometer, impact, non-destructive ultrasonic and metallurgical microscope. - Stainless Steel Products :- Stainless steel wires, pipes, sheets in all sizes - G.I.Wire & Black Binding Wire :- Available in a variety of hardness and coating as per customer's specification. - Hand Pumps :- Hand pumps are available in all types for rural areas. - Fencing Accessories & Fittings :- Fencing pipes, Chain link fencing, Barb Arms etc.

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The elegance and beauty of marble is unsurpassed by any other natural or synthetic stone. Since time immemorial the artistic charm and luxurious appeal of marble has fascinated one ....

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