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Concrete Cavity- (hollow) Blocks


A Quality Product from
Anand - India

Description :
Thermal Insulation : The air in hollow of the block, does not allow outside heat or cold in the house. So it keeps house cool in summer and warm in winter.

Strength & Durability : The good concrete compacted by high pressure and vibration gives substantial strength to the block. Proper curing increase compressive strength of the blocks.

Moisture Resistance : Due to the very high compaction given by our mixing and manufacturing process, seapage of water is alnmost nil. Hollow in block does not allow moisture inside.

Increase in Carpet Area : The strength of the block allows us to use 140 mm thick block masonry instead of 230 mm thick brick masonry (thinner wall). Thus we can increase the carppet area.

Economical : The Thickness of plaster is minimum thus saving in plaster, saving in mortar consumption, time saving, lower maintainance cost, speedy construction & water saving at the site. So economical.

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Manufacturers of Prestressed Cement Articles - Fencing Poles, Barbed Wire, Perlines, Refters Poles for Shade, Slabs, Manhole Covers, Foulding Compound Walls, Hollow / Solid Blocks, Paving Blocks, Concrete Door Frames, Concrete Window Frames, Ventilations, Kitchen Platform, Road Curbin, Poultry Platform, Drainage Canals, Cable Trunch Covers, Concrete Water Tanks, FRP Windows / Doors / Sheets, Jalia [Tadia].

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Concrete Cavity- (hollow) Blocks

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