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Torque Master Tools Private Limited


Torque Master Tools Private Limited

Torque Wrenches


A Quality Product from
Torque Master Tools Private Limited [View Profile]
Panchkula - India

Description :
Torque Master Torque Wrenches are of four types.

Standard Model: These Torque Wrenches are available to cover a torque range from 2Lb Ft. to 2000 Lb Ft./ 0.3 Kg.Mts. to 275 Kg.Mts. and 3 NM to 2700NM in 12 different Models with Square Drive 3/8" to 1".
Production Torque Wrenches: These Torque Wrenches are pre-set with one particular Torque for repetitive Production applications. The advantages of this type Torque Wrench is to prevent the tampering of torque setting during assembly and to Save considerable time.
Ratchet Head Model: This Torque Wrench has a built in ratchet mechanism for working in confined area. These Torque Wrenches are also available to cover a torque range from 2Lb Ft. to 2000 Lb Ft./ 0.3 Kg.Mts. to 275 Kg.Mts. and 3 NM to 2700NM in 12 different Models with Square Drive 3/8" to 1".
Open Jaw Fixed Type Torque Wrenches: This is a type of torque wrench fitted with an Open Jaw adaptor and set a pre-determined torque. Places where vertical clearance is restricted to permit the use of an Industrial Sockets and a Torque Wrench, this torque wrench is suitable for torquing nuts. These are available to cover across flat sizes from 10mm to 46mm with torque preset to one value as per requirement.
All Torque Master Torque Wrenches are calibrated on Mechanical Torque Tester to an accuracy of +/_ 3% as laid down in IS 7145-1973; The Torque Tester is calibrated by Force proving Instrument and Force Proving Instrument is certified by N P L New Delhi.

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Torque Master Tools Private Limited

Exporters and Manufacturers of high quality Industrial tools are :- -Torque Wrenches -Universal Joints -Stud Tighteners -Extension Bars -Square Drive Adaptors -Tube Expanders -Reversible Ratchets -Sliding T Handles -Angle Handles -Ratcheting Spanners -Swivel Handles -Speed Brace -Hex Drivers -Hex Adaptors -Slugging Wrenches -Tool Kits.

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